Week before Thanksgiving crowds off?

I see last year the crowds the full week before Thanksgiving were supposed to be low and were significantly higher. Magic Kingdom ended up being a 10 the Monday of the week before TG! I believe EPCOT ended up being a 7 the following Tuesday. These were much higher than predicted. Any thoughts as to why they were higher? Would this be a trend for this year again?

I was there 2 years ago the full week before TG. TP said the CLs were supposed to be in the 3-5 range. Actuals ended up being 5-7. The wait times were equally “off”. I lost a lot of faith in TP after that trip. Haven’t had one since to try again and see if that was an exception or if the TP algorithms just don’t work that well anymore.

The primary reason is that the crowd data is calculated using previous years information, attendance is way up the last few years as the economy gets better and more people are going on vacations again. There’s no real way to predict how things will be each year so they can only make a best guess based on history. Even the slowest usual times were much busier than normal last year and there is no real reason to believe it won’t be the same this year.

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