Week before Christmas - what is happening LOL

We are last looking last minute at a possible couple days at the parks around Dec 20. We made our first disney trip a few year ago and it was wonderful using touring plans…we waited maybe 10 minutes 2 times the whole week. I can NEVER do Disney with long lines now, NEVER. It is my understanding there are currently no fast passes? When will the new Geenie(?) system start? I spent so much time planning our first trip and learning the ropes…do I need to spend tons of time learning this new system now too? Even with the new system, will we expect long lines around Dec 20th? Help, totally confused :slight_smile:

The 20th won’t be as congested as the following week. Correct, no more “fastpasses,” however with early every for onsite guests you’ll be able to get a nice head start.

Use your TP and “optimize.” My guess is, Disney avenue & Genie+ will have started, so that’s another option.