Website troubles for dining at 180?

Anyone else driving themselves crazy? My retired parents are BOTH on the phone, I’m on the phone waiting at work, and I’m still trying the website that’s been busted since 6:05, after I made one reservation. UGH.

That’s odd… I just pulled up the website and looked at 180 days. It seems to be working fine for me. There’s even plenty of BoG adr’s open. Wish my 180 days had had all of those options lol. Where are you getting hung up at? Maybe log out clear your cache and cookies and then reload it?

It’s saying can’t search for reservations at this time. Didn’t work on the home computer or the work computer. And my parents have been waiting on the phone since 7 AM. Nuts.

Yes that’s crazy sorry to hear that. No idea why it would be working for some and not others. Probably Murphy’s law since mine didn’t go that smoothly back in June either but works great now that I don’t have a trip planned for May. Hope you get it all worked out. At least there are times still available so hopefully they’ll have everything you want!

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No bueno.

It must be an issue for the after 180 days dates. I can only see up to 5/17. Crossing my fingers for you!

Thanks so much! Calling member services too

Member services in the clutch!! Got me a split ressie, table for 3 and table for 4 at BOG on 5/19; we can’t book past the 20th for the second half of our split stay (grumble) but three hours later…whew!

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Well glad you got BoG at least. We didn’t decide to do split stay until well after our 180 day so I didn’t have to deal with that. Rest assured though when you go to do FPP you will get to do the whole time as long as your tickets cover all the dates.

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Its been happening for me and a few others all week. No split stay, but website wouldn’t let me book past 7 days. IT only kept telling to call the dining line to make ADRs of there was a problem. Rather frustrating.

thanks so much, @Outer1 - you da best!

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Yeah, my mom was none too thrilled. Maybe they’ll finally fix it in honor of Mickey’s birthday!

One would hope but I’m not holding my breath. They fix or add one thing and it kills another. Good luck with your plans. I hope you get/got everything you wanted!