Website showing "No availability" for April 2018

Hi all! So I think I finally have my husband on board for a Spring 2018 trip to WDW and I’m looking at late April (21st-28th). I’ve been looking at the website trying to crunch some numbers and it keeps telling me there is no availability at any of the resorts. Am I able to book April 2018 vacations online now? Is this just a glitch? Thanks!

Try switching between “room” and “package” on the booking page

Hmmm. Tried that but it didn’t help. There must be a glitch because I tried it on two browsers on my desktop and on my phone. I’ll try again later I guess!

I can get package prices to come up, but room only rates I haven’t been able to see. I’ve been looking at June next year as well.

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Maybe there’s just no availability for your room type at your selected resort.

Im having trouble with the site in general so id wait and try again later

It must have been a glitch because it’s working again today. I now have three offers in my cart to compare the cost! Yay for procrastination and spending countless hours trying different combinations of resorts, tickets, and dining plans. :smile:

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