Website or App for making FP reservations?


With all the terrible MDE reports these days I am trying to decide which to use tomorrow morning to schedule our FP. Is trying on my lap top better? Fingers crossed there are no glitches tomorrow!


For me the computer was more stable and far easier to use as I could see a lot more information. I would probably have both ready and be able to switch easily if one is glitching while the other is working though. In theory you can work on both simultaneously as well…


This. I’ve had better luck on the computer in the past but for my last FPP day end of August, the website didn’t work for several minutes, but I was able to go thru the app and get them.


I second that. I had to use both. It got much easier for me after 20 min also.


Our FP day was this past Saturday and we were lucky enough not to have any glitches at all using the website.