Website is glitchy as heck

What is up with Disney’s website? While scheduling some dining, which was a buggy sluggish nightmare, it’s not changed my profile making me 13 so I can no longer book anything. I get the Stitch “someone ate the page” screen every time I try to access my profile.

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I always find Disney’s website to be glitchy as well. Sometimes there are random characters all over the screen. Sometimes it makes me log in multiple times. Sometimes not all the content / menus load. It’s a mess.


Conditioning us for what it will be like to use Genie+ … :laughing:


It’s been very glitchy with reservations for a couple months now. I have to believe it is Genie related.

See the problem is, Disney IT.


Yup, I’ve had a bunch of problems recently too - I do everything in incognito browsers and even then it’s a toss up as to whether it actually will do what I’m asking!

@OBNurseNH is 100% correct.


I have notice dead pages or non Disney error pages (ie not Stitch w/ an oops message) when trying to view pages for restaurants over the last 3-4 days.

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They are getting ready to release the new Disney Dining Plan: Pay for three meals, get one!


It seems particularly buggy today, and when I opened MDE, I got a pop-up message that some functions were experiencing issues today. Does not bode well for the Genie rollout…

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Oh my, I was looking at dining a few minutes ago just to get an idea of availability ahead of my window opening, and it showed no reservations available for anywhere in Epcot or HS on the last Thursday in October. Yeah right!

It’s Tuesday. :joy:


I’ve had problems with the website for two days now. Haven’t been able to make one Park reservation for our trip in October. :persevere:

That’s odd.

I’m not sure we’ve heard this particular concern and the park availabilty calendar shows wide open except for 10/1-3 (is that when you are going???)

For two days now I haven’t been receiving an email every time I log into the website on my PC, although I still have to log in every time. I even have to log in again if more than 5-10 minutes goes by without me accessing something specfic to my account.

I can see the availability calendar just fine, it’s just when I click on the link to make a reservation that I either get an error code or a blank screen. I’ve tried using several devices and all do the same. :woman_shrugging:

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I assume you’ve also done this incognito?