Weather Question - Part II

As a tag along to the previous question about the weather next week, can anyone briefly explain how fast pass selections are handled in event of ride closure/rain out? Also, what are some suggestions for how it may effect the touring plans . For example, if I get a late start because my RD plans get rained out, what’s the best way to modify my plans?

If an attraction is closed during your window you will get an email telling you that you can go to that attraction any time that day or change it for a list of attractions at any time during the day. You will als see this in your MDE account.

Does this effect your ability to get your day of FPP or is it viewed as “used” so that I can get the others?

I received a paper anytime anywhere fast pass when TT was lightning-ed out for my FP. I had already scanned my MB though so of course it was already counted and I could make more FP. Let’s hope you don’t need it though! Good luck @aaeaglin!!!