Weather in late November first week December

Wondering how crazy weather can get during this time . I hear it can be 50 in the mornings and 80 during day or 40 in mornings and 50 during day. Sound bout right? Any tricks to deal with it or does it usually stay a little warmer until mid December

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We were there after Thanksgiving and it got into the 90’s. Layers. Cooler in evening.

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As others have said, it’s very unpredictable. That’s my favorite time of the year to go. You might have 60s and 70s the whole trip or you could see 40 and 85 in the course of 2 or 3 days. Layering is the real key.

When we were there at that time we had 50/50 weather. 50% of the time it was 50’s during the day and cooler at night. Then we had 50% it was 80s during the day and 60-70s at night. Pack for all!

We r going nov 28- dec 6. Hoping for at least one or 2 pool days for the kids😊 Maybe we’ll get lucky since it’s early dec not late? Let’s hope

Thank u. I’m hoping for more 80s than 50’s

Thanks. Seems like the weather will be a mystery till the end

We were there at the end of Nov/beginning of December last year and the year before and it was warm enough for the pool and water park so fingers crossed you should be ok. My kids even used the pool in the evening but then again, we are from the UK!