Weather/Humidity late May early June-Your Experience Needed

After returning from our first trip (late Feb/early March) I can’t help but start thinking about how to plan a trip for next year.

I want it to be longer and include both WDW and Universal (Harry Potter/kids seriously interested in that). So, I’m less inclined to take the kids out of school next year, given we’d want a much longer trip. Therefore, I’m thinking about late May/early June.

I’m worried about how hot and humid it will be then. I realize it’s not as bad as late July, but I’m not a fan of dripping sweat, feeling miserable, and swimming in crowds. I would plan midday swim breaks and more rest days, but liners, please tell me what I could expect at that time of year from the weather. Would we get rained on a lot? Would we find the heat pretty bad compared to the mild (perfect) weather we had during our first trip? We are use to places that are hot, but we don’t enjoy heavy humidity.

I did a bit of research and while the weather reports say May is actually lower humidity than most of the year and temperatures average a high in the high 80s, testimonials on websites describe very hot/humid weather. Yes, it’s all relative, but you Liners’ experience I’ll trust more!

Thanks in advance for your thoughts. Katy

It will be hot. The sun just “feels stronger”. Most likely it could rain every day, late afternoon as well. That being said- it is a great time to go! The mornings and evenings are just about perfect! An evening after the rain has stopped, and everything is clean and ready to begin again is magical!

It will be hot, but not melting into the pavement hot. I REFUSE to go June-September, but when I was there over Memorial Day weekend a couple of years ago, it wasn’t too bad; I would go in late May again.

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We were there last June 12-21, and we swore we would never go during summer ever again. We managed the crowds just fine, but the heat was killer. It was mid 90’s every day. The sun was just so strong, that we were not willing to do anything in the parks that would require us to be in the sun for a prolonged amount of time (character meet and greets, parades). We were dripping in sweat the entire trip. We all still had an absolute blast though despite the heat. If you are from an area where you are used to intense heat and humidity in the summer, you may be fine. As far as crowds went for us, RD, touring plan, and Fast Pass +, meant we never waited in line longer than a few minutes. If you go late May/early June, crowds should be even lighter than what we experienced.

Thanks for all this input. I hope others will tell of their experiences. Spontius, we live on the southern border of Texas/Mexico and it’s super humid here and usually hotter than Orlando when I check my weather app on my phone. But, of course, when its hot and miserable, we stay inside the air conditioned house. So, I’m going to keep investigating this and setting our expectations appropriately. I do know there is no way I’d go in the summer with the heat and the crowds. For us, it’s a no can do situation though hats off to those who can manage that.

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I’ve been in May before and found it just fine. But, I think anything below 80 is cold. I’ve also been in late August which was 100 times more hot/sticky then May was.

We only had one bad rain storm, it came out of nowhere and lasted about 20 minutes but I was drenched which was uncomfortable but I didn’t have a poncho. My family all had one and they were fine.

So long story short, May was perfect for me :slight_smile:

Good deal! Thanks for sharing your experience.