Weather forecast

With our trip 10 days out, I’d like to start watching the weather for Orlando/Lake Buena Vista. What are some of the best outlets for weather forecast for the area? Thanks!

I use the Weather Underground app. It’s available for both Android & iOS.

I second Weather Underground. I use the website at There’s a thing where you can look at historical weather going back like 10 years so you can really see the range of possibilities during the time you’re there.

Third vote for WU. However, I do not trust any weather forecast further than 3 days out - a Ouija board is probably more accurate. :slight_smile:


I used to use WU but my latest smarter-than-me phone just started telling me things like the weather for places I plan to visit, with no prompting whatsoever. But anyway, weather underground is great.

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I use The truth is that you really won’t have a good feel until 5 days out. Right now, it usually shows around 50% chance of showers on the 18th, 20th, or both. Temperatures high 70s low 80s.

I prefer And I use Lake Buena Vista in my search rather than Orlando. Not sure it makes any difference though.