Weather Forecast for our upcoming trip

Like anyone who’s excited for their Disney trip, I’ve been fervently watching the forecast and projected highs/lows for the dates that we’ll be there. While it’s not too irksome that the day we arrive it’s supposed to shower, I see that the forecasted highs for the three days we’re in-park are only about 70-73.
Some like it hot…that’s me! Naturally, we’re looking forward to sunny So Cal, cold drinks, and lazing poolside. Those familiar with Anaheim weather, do you think low 70s down there is warm, pool/shorts-and-tank top- weather? Here in OR, 70s (at least for me!) is still jeans weather! :sunny: thanks!

While the sun is shining 70s are very comfortable, I wouldn’t say it’s hot. But definitely still swimming and tee shirt weather. You still can enjoy comfortable weather at the pool but you won’t feel the burn that I would consider as hot.

Aah, thank you so much! That was exactly what a was looking for @lolabear_la. Sometimes 70s “feels” warmer in different areas, know what I mean? :smile:

70s and sunny is PERFECT weather for DLR. Definitely shorts and tee shirts. I’ve been there when it was in the upper 80s and that gets HOT - especially in DCA. But I’ll still take that to the completely unbearable heat and humidity of WDW in the summer months…

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Thank you so much for the input! I really should stop worrying about the weather and know that, regardless of the actual temps, we’re going to have a GREAT time! Plus, if it’s too hot, my hubby will be miserable and that would be no fun for everyone.
And I agree that it could definitely be worse with the humidity!!