Weather for week after Christmas

I fully realize weather is unpredictable and I should pack for just about anything this time of year. I also understand that no forecast is reliable this far out, but my question is more surrounding how some of you manage your clothing options each day in the park this time of year. There are some days we will not be returning to the hotel. Assuming the weather is average for this time of year (mid 70s during the day and 50s at night), do you just wear jeans all day if you don’t plan to return to your hotel before nightfall? I’ve only gone in summer so I’m struggling to wrap my head around how to prepare with respect to clothing.

Jeans and a tee shirt (or, if I’m going to a signature dinner, khakis and a polo shirt) all day. Possibly a hoodie or jacket to go over the top.

Also, I am not adverse to renting a locker for a day; they’re great for stashing clothing you don’t need all day, incidental purchases, etc.

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You can always buy rain ponchos at the Dollar Tree. If you use them, just throw away. They are packed in a tiny package that won’t take up much room in a backpack!

You have to look at each day individually. If you’ve got any lightweight trail pants, those are great for traveling. Jeans are the last thing you want to be in if it rains.

Very good point on the wet jeans.

Hi. We are packing for all weathers for our December/ Jan trip. We have done lots of research and we have basically decided to wear cooler summer type clothes in the day, but we are taking 2 large backpacks to put in lockers with winter gear, trousers, jumpers, hats gloves, scarfs. We all have the type of padded jackets that roll up into its own bag so pretty small but still warm for the night time. We plan I’m taking smaller backpacks around the park in the day with ponchos, water etc. Hope that helps x

I think this is likely going to be our plan too for the days we aren’t going back to the room at some point in the day. My husband and I don’t really get that cold as long as we aren’t wet, but my daughter does. It’s easy to pack the small kids clothes though.

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