Weather end of Jan to Feb

Hi All, been to WDW many many times, but always in May or June, Going next year 2017, 29th Jan to 7th Feb and wondered what the weather is normally like, From the UK so used to the cold etc. Thanks for any help you can give Iain

it could be anywhere from 35-75 degrees on any given day

I was there in late January of 2014 for a few days. The day we flew in it was about 70 degrees outside and beautiful. Then the “Great Freeze of 2014” plunged down into Florida and it was between 32-45 degrees the rest of the trip. It was incredibly windy, which made it feel even colder. It was weird seeing frost on the ground at WDW.

But like I said, it could easily be 70-75 degrees during the day and about 50 degrees at night the whole time. Keep in mind the days are shorter then too compared to the nights, so it will typically be cooler over the course of the day because of that. Regardless, a cold day at WDW is better than a warm day at work!


I went a couple years ago in February. We started the day in winter coats, hate, scarves and gloves. By the end of the day, we were in sweatshirts. It was weird.

One day it was cold and rained - that was no fun at all. Just bring layers so that you can take them off or put them on throughout the day.

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FL winter weather is almost impossible to predict. A few years back I was there the last week in Jan. It was t-shirts and shorts/jeans every day; needed a hoodie one evening for PM EMH at EP. People were saying the week before everyone was wearing heavy coats, gloves, and knit caps. I live in the FL panhandle, and there have been times that I’ve gone from scraping ice off my car windows to shorts and a tank top in a 24 hour period…

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