Weather early October

For those who live in the area or have visited around the first week in October, what am I likely in for weather-wise? I know it can vary greatly (I travelled once in November during a heat wave I wasn’t expecting), but curious of others’ experiences.

I assume still hot and humid, somewhat rainy (and pray for no hurricanes coming through). My mom thinks the humidity will be gone based on what she’s read online and doesn’t think it will rain much. I’d think that would be more likely for the end of October than the beginning.

Have I mentioned I hate heat? Regretting not keeping my late November trip (wasn’t really my choice, couldn’t get off of work).


I would love to hear about weather that time of year as well. We are going 9/28 - 10/2 and I’m hoping for more moderate weather than what I experienced in my home state today - 110!!!

Oh! @Gnatjo, I will be in the world ( but mostly doing non Disney things) those same dates!

When we’ve gone in October, it’s always been in the 80s-90s, so compared to summer it’s cooler. But it still always feels very hot &humid to this Midwest girl. We still take a pool break most every day.

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Florida weather is so hard to pin down. We were there the 2nd week of October last year. It was an above average temp year. Heat index was still near 100. Hot & Humid.
By contrast, 2 weeks ago in July was more comfortable!

I’m hoping (we’re going again in October) that the trend will continue and it will be in the 80s during the day and 60s at night. I think that is more typical weather on average for that time of year. Shouldn’t be particularly rainy.

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It was very HOT for our October trip, 10/2-10/14. 90s every day. We did not have a lot of rain, I think maybe one day. We also had those same temps in November, which was a bit more to adjust to, coming from PA.

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What!?!? Non-Disney things in the World? Are there such things? :grinning: really hoping my trip doesn’t fall through. I just learned that my 3rd graders standardized tests are that week and he would miss two days. I think making memories with our family is more important but my sense of parental responsibility is resting its head and making me question whether it is okay for him to miss.

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Ive been the first week of October 4 times now. It is HOT! Some years it has rained on and off throughout the day. Other years it was no rain at all. I was there for Hurricane Matthew too. Flight cancelled and three extra days at Disney.

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We went to Disney 9/24-10/1 in 2016. It was very hot and humid. I was careful to plan a mix of indoor and outdoor attractions. We also drank a lot of water. When we had to wait outside, we ate ice cream to cool off. There also tended to be mid-late afternoon storms that would last 30 minutes to an hour or so. They would help cool the evenings some. People think of September/ October as fall weather. But in Florida that is not the case, which is why that time of year is peak hurricane season.

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Oh and there was a tropical storm/hurricane that went through Orlando the week after our trip, the first week of October. Not saying that there is a high likelihood of that happening this or next year, but there is certainly a chance.

I was there last year at this time and it was hot it rained only a few times but 15 minutes later sun was out and dry again.

It’s hot and gross and might rain. I don’t feel like things really start to cool off until November.

Missing two days will be fine, as long as there are make up days . I will go to HHNs and Busch Gardens.

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