Weather Apps

I was wondering which weather apps you use right before going on your trips to help with packing choices? Oftentimes, I use, only to find when I got there the weather wasn’t as described, and I have to scramble to decide what to wear.

For example, on that site, this coming week looks pretty rainy near the end of the week (Thursday-Sunday), but in the 70s/60s. What kind of clothes would you pack—hoodies and jeans, or shorts and t-shirts?

I have very little confidence in weather apps when I’m in Orlando. Even same-day forecasts. This time of year the weather could be t-shirt and shorts, or jacket and sweater. On the same day. Plus poncho.

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Plan for the worst, hope for the best… regardless of the forecast. I use the weather channel app and enable notifications on it.

I only count on the local Orlando TV stations. They are the most accurate. I will visit their web sites a couple days before the trip and that will dictate my packing choices.

Yes, I agree! I’ve always brought both summer and winter clothes for Thanksgiving week, 3 times. This past time we left the winter coats in the car the whole time except one night I used mine, but in past we’ve had nights where we used them.

I always go by Accuweather and local WESH weather

DarkSky I also use it in parks and day of to see when the inevitable summer shower is expected to hit and when it hits, how long it will be.