Weather App

What are the best weather apps to monitor daily weather (hour to hour) at WDW??

I like this one ‎Weather Underground: Local Map on the App Store

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I have TWC app and it’s pretty good, but for minute to minute I did find myself going onto accuweather via safari (their app is not that good, IMO) to monitor the weather while in WDW. Radar and minuteCast were very helpful

I second @pod4christ’s suggestion of the weather underground app. That’s the one I use all the time

I use wdw weather+ because I like the ease f the swirling radar but it isn’t hour to hour.

I’ve been using Dark Skies and find it extremely accurate . Thanks to whichever liner recommended


I use accuweather! :heart: it!

I love “islikely”. It is an activity based weather app. In other words you put in your parameters like temp, wind, etc and it will show green when it’s good and red when it’s not. It’s a great weather app, but also gives you a lot more info.

Ok, i know this is an ooooold bump, but I’m curious to see if we have discovered any better weather apps? Is Dark Sky still one to get? Something out there that’s better (and free?)

I like weather bug for home, but seems a little vague when it comes to the “off and on again” rain that is in Florida.

I keep hearing good things about Dark Sky. Installed the free version but planning to wait til close to trip and get the free trial of premium. Then if it works I’ll upgrade for good.

I’m not seeing a free version?

I went to Google play store and just picked Dark Sky. There was no price listed so I guess I’m just assuming it’s free. There is an invitation to download a free trial of the premium version.