Wearing Lanyard on rides

My daughter will be wearing one of these in the parks, will she be allowed to keep this on for ALL rides? She will have a cell phone in it & her cards.

NO. Dueling Dragon, Gringots, Escape and some others require NO loose items at all - NONE - no exception. THere are plenty of lockers and it really isn’t a big deal to put them in the lockers.

Thank you, that was exactly what I needed to know. Very helpful.

Cool and they are really good about having the lockers right there for you and they are FREE for the amount of time you need for the ride.

I have read alot about the lockers and recall seeing something about some rides even having metal detectors! I just wasn’t sure about the restrictions concerning this. I can understand stuff like loose change in pockets and all being dangerous. Thanks again.

@tknew, actually, you can wear a lanyard on Gringotts. I wore a lanyard and fanny pack on that ride. Unless it changed in the last 9 months, Dragon Challenge, Rip Ride Rocket and Hulk were the only rides where you could have nothing.