We should have been at WDW this week

We ended up doing a modified version of this. I wore my Captain Jack costume. My kids love it! Thank you for the idea!

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Thank you for the idea. I printed the “paper parks” castle, but ultimately decided that it would be too complicated for my 5 and 3 year olds ,and I would end up spending the day doing the project myself. Looked very cool though.

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We didn’t end up doing this, but I think will be a good project for my 5 year old and me for another day when my 3 year old is occupied with something else.

This was the hit of the week with my kids. My wife and I woke up early, dressed as Mickey and Minnie and prepared for breakfast. DW stayed in her Minnie costume to continue to cook and serve while I had costume changes to each of the following;

(1) Genie
(2) Maui
(3) Captain Jack
(4) Beast
(5) Alladin

Before I walked in to the kitchen with a new costume, I turned on a song from the applicable movie. Then I walked into the room and DW took photos of the kids and me. They loved it!