We need to talk about Soarin’

That’s easy enough. Plan another Disney trip.

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My August 2017 trip was a once-in-a-lifetime trip. Never to be repeated.

It’s just had a couple of sequels. Like Star Wars.

Or, if you prefer, Euclid’s Elements was a once-in-a-lifetime book. In thirteen volumes.

I’m basically Euclid. Or George Lucas.


Well. One SIGNIFICANT difference. The decision to do sequels to the once-in-a-lifetime movie led to Lucas being one of the wealthiest people in the world. In your case, I think it leads you towards being one of the poorest. :wink:

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Excuse me, but I’m trying to be a good Christian.

Jesus said it is easier for a camel to pass through the eye of a needle than for a rich man to enter the Kingdom of Heaven.

As I understand him, he’s saying you should spend all your money as soon as you earn it. He didn’t specify luxury holidays, but Disney World didn’t exist in biblical times.


You are?


True. But he also said that the last shall be first, and the first shall be last. I think this means you have to give up your Fast Passes.

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He was quite obviously talking about rope-dropping. He clearly took the view that it was better to arrive later in the day.


With Club Level Fastpasses, which will shrink one’s camel very efficiently, I might also point out.

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I think the distortion is hilarious. The second time we rode we weren’t in B but I really wanted to see the distortion for myself. We were in the last 2 seats on the edge of the screen and the Eiffel Tower was practically at 90 degrees. We thought it was really funny. It doesn’t put me off riding. But it’s definitely a fail by Disney. I don’t know what they were thinking of, they must have thought about the screen being curved surely!!

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My husband and I are not team Soarin’. We went on it last trip because we had a PPO breakfast, this year we aren’t going to EPCOT at all, but if we were, we’d skip it. I don’t find the ride immersive at all - to me it is a moving IMAX. If I’m going to get my T1 FPP, I will choose Frozen or TT (in that order) every time.

Out of curiosity, did you ride it when it was Soarin’ Over California? It felt much more immersive to me then.

I rode it in '05, '09, and '17. Forgive my ignorance, when did it switch over? Maybe it’s just not my thing.

2016, I believe. With Soarin’ over California, though, almost all of the footage was ACTUAL footage of actual flight (hang-gliding) over landscape. The CGI in the new one feels…well…fake. That’s because it’s…well…fake! :slight_smile:

But if you didn’t like it before, then it is just a personal preference thing.

We LOVED Soarin’. Couldn’t wait to ride it again. When we did in 2016 with the changes, I mostly came off the ride angry. :confused:


Yes I rode the new one in 2016. I prefer it to the old one but I still don’t get its popularity.

I like Soarin’ and we ride it every time we go, but I do think it’s a bit ridiculous that where you sit has an impact on the quality of the ride experience for you. I have been at the very edge of the screen and while I can try to block out the distortion and just go with it, it’s a huge misstep by Disney.

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I first rode Soarin’ (Over California) in 2003 in DCA and I was blown away. The motion plus film plus smell really gave the feel of hangliding & it was one of my favorites.

While I was sad to lose the original, I was hopeful that Around the World would be just as stunning with refreshed footage & when the Matterhorn first appeared on the screen, I started to get excited. The following scenes of CGI’d pyramids & towers with distortions in nearly every scene left me disappointed & frustrated. Add in that the motion of your glider is less immersive than in the original so you are not (as much) moving with the scene, but rather the scene is moving around you (hence the increased number of objects flying at you). And with that I just got downright mad as that felt that they got lazy with the mechanics & decided to try and make the film do the lifting, rather than actually figuring out the appropriate motions to give you the real deal feel of hang-gliding.

It was definitely a misstep & I feel took Soarin’ down from a first-of-its-kind experience to a glorified IMAX movie in a hanging chair. I still ache for the loveliness that was Soarin’ Over California, and hope & wish that one day they’ll bring it back to DCA for any kind of “limited time.” In which case, I will see you there!

That being said, I can reasonably put aside the distortions & sit where asked & still come off having a good experience, but it is a far cry from the same immersive feeling & has come off of my must-do list (and this is in DCA where a FP is relatively easy to get most of the day). And in WDW where I have to compete with other T1 attractions, I have no incentive to book one for Soarin’ when we have TT or FEA as options.


We rode it at the end of 2017 and were right at the edge and the distortion is absolutely horrible, nothing “minor” or “slight” - It seems to me the further you are to the edge of the screen the worse it is, and as I say, we were right at the left most seats. It did make me not want to bother again sadly

I love Soarin’ for any seat and will ride it every trip at least once, if not twice. We got middle of B1 our first ride and it was amazing, then the far end of C1 our second and it was fun but I wouldn’t do it again. Riding in B and especially B1 is pretty much essential for us now and definitely worth the extra 10 minutes or whatever.

More silent seething!

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I have not yet been on this ride. Does anyone have a “seating chart” so that I can see where B and B1 are? And how they load this ride? Do you literally tell the CM you want a specific seat?