We leave Saturday and I am getting a cold

Oh you guys. We are prepped and telling our kids tomorrow that we’re going to Disney World on Saturday and I am getting a cold.

I am taking all the things: zicam, coldeez, cold medicine, even elderberry. My kids have already had it (thankfully).

No request for advice…just wanting a little encouragement that all is going to be ok. I’m hoping this thing is short lived.

as an aside: I’m planning to do a picture trip report as we go along. I am so excited about this trip! Thank you all for helping with the planning!


AirBorne. Get it now. Use it now. Use it throughout your trip.

And hydrate like crazy and get some sleep!

You’ll be fine. Can think of a finer place to have a cold :wink:


I got nailed with a terrible head cold during my first-ever trip to DLP last September.

It was still quite a magical trip. Just make like Mary Poppins would tell you: find the fun!


Thank you! The only thing I didn’t get was airborne! I will get it on my way home. Thank you!

And sleep tonight and lots and lots of water.


Bit not so much that your bladder won’t let you sleep lol


Good Call!

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I feel for you! We leave in 7 days and I feel a cold coming on as well :frowning: What timing! I always figure I’d rather be the sick one over the kids so I’m thankful for that.

Take zinc tablets, airborne and drink plenty of water. Hang in there!

Just as an FYI, none of the aforementioned “treatments” actually do anything. Studies have shown it is merely a placebo effect. So, you can take Airborne if you want. It doesn’t help anything. And anecdotal claims can never be supported because if they TOOK it they can’t know if they were getting better because of the Airborne or simply because they were getting better!!! (There was even a lawsuit against Airborne on their claims and they had to change their packaging because they couldn’t support their claims.)

Best you can do with a cold is, of course, preventative (hand-washing, etc). But once you have it, you just wait for your immune system to work.

Some cold medicines can help you in managing the symptoms, but they won’t speed your recovery.


Maybe this is slightly off topic, but I’m under the impression that zinc (when taken soon enough) can shorten the duration of cold symptoms. I know this has been studied widely and while earlier studies were conflicting, the recent consensus seems to be that this is the case (for example; https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articles/PMC3273967/)

My personal experience (or feeling) is that it seems to work, after I started taking zinc (a few years ago) whenever I feel looming cold symptoms, I feel like it significantly shortens the duration and sometimes even prevents it.

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I will say that I like coldeez and I do think that it can shorten a cold. I was skeptical about elderberry, but I recently read a (albeit small) double-blind, placebo study on people who had the flu who used elderberry. The people who used elderberry reported that their symptoms didn’t last nearly as long (3 days on average) than the people who didn’t have elderberry.

I hear you though. Nothing is a miracle worker…but i have to try.

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This is what is in coldeez. And your body actually absorbs it in the back of your throat which is why you’re supposed to suck on it and not chew it. I know there have been studies on zinc as well, but I haven’t looked for them recently.

Ah yea, thats what a doctor friend of mine told me. Apparently there are also various kind of zincs and zinc acetate is supposedly much more effective than the others. At least this is what I was told

I’m sorry that stinks! If you can tolerate it take a decongestant before you fly and garlic lots of garlic😁
Luckily you have planned ahead and now just trust your plans while you rest up and get better!!!

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The whole “placebo effect” only works when the recipient does not know it won’t. So thank you for making the cold worse.


Elderberry is awesome! And has indeed been studied a lot. I have taken it for the past 10 years when I feel a cold coming on. As a former teacher and mom of 3, I was always getting a cold. Often it will keep things from progressing, and shorten the duration. I still take zinc here and there, and emergen-c, etc, but I have seen the most results with elderberry. Make sure you are taking the “intensive”/higher dose. Also to be most effective you want to start taking it as soon as you feel symptoms coming on. If you wait a few days it usually isn’t as effective. You will have an great trip!!

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Airborne??? Really??? That stuff is unmitigated snake oil.

It has worked for me. Call it what you will

Is it just me or do others laugh at “elderberry”. My mind goes straight to Monty Python “your mother was a hamster and your father smelled of elderberries.”


I got strep just as I was leaving for a month long trip to Europe. Definitely put a damper on things, but still had an amazing time! Hope you kick it soon and have a great time!

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You beat me to it! I was about to post this same video. :rofl:
@girlbytheseashore I hope you feel better soon and no matter what you end up taking for your cold @joefishing209 and I obviously feel that laughter is the best medicine…