We leave in 30 days, benefits to doing the online check-in? We plan to go to the park all day then would check in late at night

I know we can “check in” once we hit the 60 day window (staying at CBR). Does this mean that we will get a text with our room number and we just go straight from the park on Day 1 right into our room and our Magic Band will open the door? We are driving to Florida so we’ll have our own car (which I love, just makes it SOOOO much quicker to get around when you aren’t staying at a monorail resort).
So…do we check in online…or wait until 11pm when we arrive at the resort from the park on day 1?

I’ve been wondering the same. We’d like to drive straight to park on our arrival day. Does anyone know if we’d have to pay for park parking if we haven’t been to the hotel first?

Last year we arrived late in the evening and headed straight to CSR. I scanned my band to be let in to the resort and went straight to our room (we had gotten the room ready text earlier). Worked like a charm. If you go to the parks first they will scan your band, no need to pay to park. So yes, absolutely check in online and set up your credit card info. We were at CSR for 6 nights and never went to the checkin desks. Very nice when you arrive late.

In theory yes- but I have found about 1/2 the time I never get the text! I do online check in- my pin is set- my credit card is saved and I get a confirmation email…

It worked perfectly for my family too (as Wahoohokie described). I got a text by 10:45am that my room was ready and we never went to the lobby.

OK I know this has been covered on here, but does everyone do room request fax and online check in with no requests?

If you are using the room fax I would do it that way. There are some resorts that I am not concerned about a specific room- so I will only do the online check in. For example, at the Poly I just want a balcony so that is the only request I will make and I can do that through the online check in. At AKL I am very specific what group of rooms I want so I do the fax and online check in without any requests .

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Cann’t you put room request on both Fax and Online Check in as long as the request are the same and not contradicting each other??

You CAN but you’re best off to do one or the other just to be sure.

Although your online check in is usually rather vague (upper floor, close to lobby) you TO fax is usually pretty specific: room 5215 alternate 5217, 5219, 5221

Is an upper floor room 3191 what you want?

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