We had to Duck out

Am I doing something wrong? Three days in a row. Trying to upgrade a ticket I bought thru Disney to add park hopper. Get all the way thru the process where I click purchase on safari, chrome and edge and in cognito mode and

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I think this is the same glitch that stops people adding Genie to their tickets in advance.

If any of your days are “sold out” of park reservations, it won’t let you upgrade because it is trying to cancel and rebook your tickets. Which the system won’t allow because one of those days has no park reservations left.

I suspect the phone CMs will be able to do it for you, if you can get through. :crossed_fingers:


That doesn’t seem to be the case here…My tickets are for the 7th on and I’m hotel guest but even not being a hotel guest still same green:

And Ugh…part of me is like is it worth it!!! LOL Those calls take 2+ hours off your life. I’d only be getting a few hours in a park for that time. Is that even trade off?

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This is what I get when I try to add the two teens to the room reservation after choosing the room again:

I cannot right now. I don’t care if I get them in so much cuz they can use the phone app with my login to unlock the door but seriously it’d be nice if I could link it to their magic bands…but I do want the park hoppers for a chance to see Harmonious and ride Remy because the boys don’t want to do Epcot but since I think the DHS projection show is pretty much cr*p and since our last night is evening extra hours with free Remy riding time I’m trying to drag them a couple of times for just a little bit. So I guess I’ll make the two hour phone call…sigh.

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I have now tried all of them and in private mode:
"Please use these links to upgrade your web browser or download a new web browser:

I don’t know what magic happened, but park hoppers purchased. They must be monitoring this forum :wink:


and boys added to the room! phew…All I had to do was complain online I see.



This was a hilarious read, but I’m glad it all worked out!

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I just had to vent apparently and it worked! I will keep this in mind for all future Disney technical issues. I will come straight here to this thread and reawaken it. :wink:


Glad it all worked.

I should have stopped my reply after “glitch”. :roll_eyes:

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I had similar glitches trying to cancel hotel reservations over the last week. It finally worked today. But only after signing out and back in on my MDE app. They have so many IT problems to fix :persevere:


I’d had similar problems adding DH and DD to our hotel reservations. I just kept giving it a few hours and trying again. It was so wonderful when that was settled.

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Ha ha…it’s the little things!

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Is it because you are inside of the 30 day window?

For adding people to the room or for adding park hoppers? I’ve added park hoppers while using the tickets before.

*I was able to add them eventually and order them new magic bands (I don’t think friend has one and DS’s is about 2 years old and I want to make sure it works for ride photos for him).

For the hoppers.

People can be added up to arrival. But if you have a package and are within 30 days other changes are sometimes more difficult.

And yes you can add hoppers while on site.

Oh I don’t have a package…I’m a liner…I have a mix of DVC rental points and room direct thru Disney. LOL I do crazy things and change things all the time…I think it’s part of the liner requirement ha ha ha


Yes room only and stand alone tix can be modified much more easily

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yup and cancelled (not dvc rental points) easily. I always do it separate because I don’t get anything like meal plans even when they had them. I prefer to buy what I want to eat so packages usually don’t appeal to me. I like more flexibility but even that I’m willing to forgo for the price you can rent points for. :wink:

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