"We Can't Find Their Tickets" message on MDE app?

I’m about 45 days out from my 60 day mark. When I go through the MDE app, as if I were attempting to get FPs, I was expecting it to simply tell me I’m too early. However, instead it tells me “We Can’t Find Their Tickets” and asks me to link a ticket or package to myself and each member of my party.

I definitely have a package, and it’s definitely linked. I can see my tickets in the Tickets & Passes section of the app. And I can see them logged into MDE online.

Anyone know what’s up?

This is trip #4… I’ve done this before, and don’t remember this issue.

I’ve always had this particular error message when I try and look at FP before the 60 day window even though the tickets are correctly linked on MDE. No issues on the actual day once window opens.

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Your tickets aren’t valid to make FPs today. The system assumes that you are trying to make them today for a trip within the next 30 days, but haven’t linked tickets.

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Odd that MDE online would be ok with it, but not the app. By ok I mean recognize they exist, but politely inform me that I’m too early.

The website is telling you that? It never used to. You’ve always got the same error message on both.

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The website, correctly, observes that I’m simply too early, while the app flat out tells me I have no tickets. Terrifying.

I guess they’ve updated it. But Disney IT is a law unto itself.