We are on our way! Trip report!

After a long line at security, two of my bags being flagged, a long run down the terminal, unexpected bag checks at the gate ( only to board a plane that has plenty of overhead space-thanks delta!)
We are on our way!
Phew! I am a rope dropper to to just barely make it for the final boarding call, I’m a stressed mess!!

A little about our trip: new (resale) DVC owners and we are staying at our home resort, OKW for 3 days, then transferring to DD7s favorite, AOA cars suite.
I’m very excited to explore OKW today and head to MK and have dinner at Skipper Canteen and hopefully see the fireworks (if we all make it that late-haha)


Safe travels!

Scenic view from the air …errrr … gate


Have a safe trip!

Wheels up!


Yay! I hope you love it there as much as I do :slight_smile: What type of room are you staying in?

Also, more info about why you were running to the plane if you’re a RD would be interesting. Overslept a-la Home Alone? Car trouble? Traffic? PPP?


No, we were there about 1 he 40 minutes before flight. It took almost an hour to get through security (wasn’t expecting that… I’ve never waited more than 30 minutes) then two of our bags were flagged to check, and about 5 other bags before mine and only 1 person was checking them.

We have landed now and missed the DME to our resort and are now sitting and waiting for the next one.

Today is going to be the “missed it by THAT much” day!!
But at least we got our room ready texts

Miller’s road building 18

We only have a studio since there’s 3 of us.


First in Iine for our resort but a bus hasn’t pulled up anywhere in about 20 mins


Nice! You won’t be too far from Hospitality House over there :slight_smile:

Sorry about the hectic morning and the “just missed it” DME experience! Here’s hoping things improve going forward.

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I’m also an OKW owner (some resale/some direct) and I’ve only stayed there one night! I’m headed back in December for a couple of nights and can’t wait. I love the pool there.


Which one? :wink:

I only tried the main one with the big sand castle. Are the quiet pools great too? I just love the vibe of that main pool with the light house and sand castle and the slide is pretty fab.

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The main pool is more festive and lively
I love the quiet pool at Turtle Pond, which also has a snack shack but is less boistrous


Hi Mickey!
Just showing off our magic bands. They are Disney Dad ,Mom, and Kid. I keep saying I’m not going to buy more, and I keep buying more!
Story of my (Disney) life!!
Just pulled up to the resort and my Instacart order will be here in 15!
Getting my scavenger hunt I ordered from someone on Ear for Eachother and we’re off to explore before heading to MK


I do this too! Ha!

Welcome home!!!


I love those magic bands!


Got to our room, and now are waiting for some Olivias mobile order before heading for a swim and then to MK.
Love the resort so far! It reminds me of CBR .
I feel so disoriented though, being at a new place. I’ve been so comfortable at the few resorts I’ve stayed at the past 5 years. I’m sure I’ll get used to it!


I’m getting inebriated from scrolling your pictures lol


Welcome home!

Are there ice machines located in the buildings?