[WDW120] Considering a 4-month Disneyworld vacation! (places outside WDW)

After planning six major WDW trips over nearly two decades “encumbered” with kids vacation times and my allowable time off, I’m about to retire and be a lot less encumbered. My wife, being the saint that she is, is allowing me to plan a post-retirement ultimate vacation, a multi-month WDW trip! We have a “DS21DS”, a 21-year-old son with Down Syndrome that will be joining us. My other two now-working kids are understandably jealous.

In an earlier post I asked about things to do inside the world when you have lots of time, for which I go some great suggestions. Some folk also replied with good ideas outside the world too, but I wanted a separate post asking all the avid long-term liners about fun stuff outside the world—again, when you have more time and not packing in rides. Some things already on the list are:

  • Annual Passes to USF and KSC
  • Trips to KSC for every potential rocket launch. Launch or abort, it will still will be a fun day at the beach.
  • Some local Museums (DW’s favorite is the Tiffany Museum, probably Orlando Museum of Art)
  • Probably a trip to Lego Land. My son still likes Lego.

We will have a car, so are fully mobile. The only real restriction is we’d like to keep it day trips. What fun places do you like within that range of WDW?


I would also just “live like a local” a bit as well. Go to some of the cool neighborhoods in Orlando and check out Celebration to just “hang”. I would also enjoy things like the Gaylord and some of the parks in Orlando

The surrounding areas of Orlando are packed with nature reserves and walking trails and so-on. I suggest getting a good map and finding some areas where you can go and maybe hire bikes, or canoes, or whatever appeals.

There are various places which do air boat tours too, plus the bigger, more touristy attractions like Gatorland which include air boats I think.

Actually don’t forget Cape Canaveral is a nature reserve too. You could find out about which parts are accessible.

Further north there’s the drag car racing still held on the beach I think, and also St Augustine - not sure if that is a day trip away or not. I’m sure someone more local can tell you.

Tigger613 and Nicysyme: Thanks both.

Celebration is definitely on the list. We hope to actually get our short term rental there! If not, will be on the visit list. Good point on the Gaylord, I’ve been to a few on business trips, but DW has never seen one. They are big!

My DD was a CM for about a year and did try out a few nature reserves. Total antithesis of WDW! Will run Gatorland by my DW and see what she says. Agree on parks and reserves around KSC.

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