WDW *without* a stroller?


What are you experiences with younger kids without a stroller?
We've always rented a stroller for our boys, who will be 5 and 7 this trip.
Trouble is, my 75 year old father will be in a wheelchair (and I don't trust him with an ECV!)
If we're only doing half-days at the park, how tired/cranky with the boys be?
I'm trying hard to minimize walking in our TPs. Another option might be to sometimes make dad walk with his bad knees, sometimes make the kids walk?
Tell me your experiences.


My 7yo did open to close for 2 weeks with no stroller and no complaints at all. My sister had a double stroller for her 3 kids 7,4 and 2, and her 7yo was in it constantly. Her little ones are very small for their ages so we would carry one of them when her oldest wouldn't walk.


I'm wondering about this too--there is another recent thread discussing this issue. My younger two will be just turned 6 and 7 when we go. I think 1/2 day touring will be fine unless you have to rush across to make a FPP or meal ADR. We plan to rent in park for our two long park days if needed and let them take turns. One of my older kids did 5 straight full park days at 4 with no issues. He crashed at the bus stop on the way home on the last day and slept for 15 hours straight but park time was fine. He's not a complainer though.
My older one (7) is just a slow meandering walker (and saying let's go 2 million times might be a buzz kill all day) and my youngest is a bop at 100 mph-til-you-drop kinda kid. I think that most days, they will be fine. And in your case, if you are only doing partial park days, I bet you'll be fine. Also, go on lots of walks in the shoes they will wear ahead of time to get used to walking with a purpose :slight_smile:


I answered on the other thread too. We had two just turned 8 year olds and a 4 year old. We did not use a stroller. We did one open to close day at HS. All other days we were at the parks for maybe around 8/9 hours per day. We walked a lot before our trip and took planned breaks and ADRs while in the parks. We also did one water park/ Disney Springs day. My kids were tired at the end of the day, but did well. Our last day, my 4 year old got a little cranky, but it was HOT that day. Some ice cream saved the day.


Yeah I walked with my 7yo too. I really think it helps.


We used strollers until our kids did not fit, but I know plenty of kids who do just fine. My best advice is either both kids can ride in the stroller OR neither child can ride in the stroller. When we only had room for the younger one, the older child whined!


Our bigger problem is the 75 year old man who needs a stroller too. And I can't push kid(s) in a (double) stroller and 75 year old in a big-kid stroller at the same time. Thought about getting a single stroller and letting the 7 year old push the 5 year old... which lets me imagine lots of outcomes, all of which involve a) first aid, b) a dentist, c) a cast, d) a call to Child Protective services, or e) any combination of the above.


My DD5 has done the last 2 trips without a stroller. Daytime trips are easy since we minimize walking, however, evening gets a bit harder and she needed to be carried by my DH to the car. That being said, I think you answered your own question...Dad needs a wheelchair, kids don't need a stroller (IMO its a "nice to have" but its not a "must have"). I'd limit evening touring especially close to bedtime touring but if you are doing half day touring during the day, I think you'd be fine.