WDW - using Uber

A friend of mine told me about using Uber to get around (to avoid using the bus) - has anyone had experiences using this method? Thoughts?

what about car seats? i will have a 7 and a 3 yr old by the time we go next

We loved Uber to get places we needed to arrive at a certain time like ADR at another resort or early morning magic when we woke late. 7 year old does not need a car seat but 3 will. They do have Uber family that will provide 1 car seat. There are also inflatable booster seats you can purchase if your 3 year old is big enough for a booster.

We were there from 12/17 to 12/27. We used LYFT which is like Uber. It had, and I believe still has a promotion right on their website where you get $55 credit that is good for $5 off on 11 rides. We were staying at POP and used it to go to to the parks, and also to go to and from other resorts. With the $5 off on the rides, most rides were only $2 to $3. We loved it. As far as the car seat, I’m not sure. We were only 2 adults. I do know that they offer something like the plus but we never had use for it. We loved the ability if the bus wasn’t there to be able to get the LYFT and go. Most times we only had a few minute wait.

Uber is everything. Use it if you can, especially for am rope drop, or adr’s. Waiting for the bus…sometimes aggravating if you are trying to make it somewhere at a specific time. The cost of Uber and their timing is fantastic. I didn’t use Lyft, but I’d assume the same. It’s a vacation, the cost is low, and worth every penny to not be stressed out.

Yes they are almost the same, actually many of the drivers drive for both. We used them because of the promotion that they had and it did save us a lot.

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