WDW & Universal Trip in April - super short

Taking a couple friends to Orlando the weekend of 4/8-4/12. So we will simply be 4 adults with a very specific to do list: Harry Potter and F&G It’s technically a birthday trip for my friend, but the husbands are coming along.

Universal Stuff
We are doing park to park tickets for one day at Universal. I did this back in 2017 and it worked well. We truly only care about HP. I’m a roller coaster fan so might try to get on Velocicoaster, but if I miss it this time, no worries. I am crazy for trying this on a Saturday in April?

We booked our hotel - Aventura (seemed like a good moderate choice for adults only - let me know if I’m wrong). So, we’ll have early entry, but which park should I start with? I’m checking on unofficial guide from the library, but please share any wisdom you have in the meantime.

WDW Stuff
We’re taking a resort day in the middle. Dinner is an open option - anyone love something at Universal? If not, hit me with your favorite out of park options at WDW. I thought about doing the whole magic kingdom loop, but can you even hit CG lounge with the special 50th dinner thing they do now? Maybe Toledo’s or Topolino instead? (we have one vegetarian in the group - otherwise I’d say Steakhouse 71). We will have a first time (mildly skeptical) Disney visitor with us - adult man, friend’s husband.

That puts us in Epcot on Monday. We’ll be rope dropping with the off site crew. I saw a bit of how that worked when I was there a couple weeks ago. So think I can navigate situation without a problem. We’ll buy ILL if we decide we want to ride Remy and FEA. Not worried about genie+. I’m hoping F&G won’t be crazy on a Monday, even though it will be spring break season. We were in in EP on opening of FARTS this year and whooaaaaa WS was insane.

Feedback welcome! Please share all the things :slight_smile:

So fun. A few random thoughts:
Hitting a lot on a Saturday would really benefit from express passes. Worth buying on their own or comparing staying at a premium hotel for the free express passes.
I vote for doing Diagon Alley at USF first. It’s entrance is a drop your jaw experience for many. Doing Olivanders, Gringotts, the shops, the Knight Bus, and the Hogwarts Express are worth taking in early as HP fans. Doing a meal at Leaky or 3 Broomsticks (away from popular meals times) is also a fun and yummy way to be in the HP experience.
You’ll then have time to do the HP rides and VC at IOA if you time it right. But wouldn’t be able to do everything at both parks in just one day.
Cowfish is a fun restaurant at Citywalk for dinner near Universal.
You’ll have a great trip!

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I agree you should book a Premier hotel for the Express Passes, because it’s a Saturday.

Here is a helpful article which follows the Harry Potter timeline pretty well.

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Toledo is a great choice for dining outside the parks. You can spend some time at the lounge and enjoy the view from there too.

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I’m taking my oldest daughter to Universal one day of our Disney trip. Huge HP fan and never been to the park. Going to be a Friday and I’m absolutely getting the unlimited express pass 2-park ticket for us. Going to be exhausting and silly expensive, but I just can’t imagine doing everything in one day without it.

It was pre-covid when my wife and I last went. You couldn’t use Express Pass yet on Hagrids as it was new and still had some kinks. With that being said, it was a three-hour wait :roll_eyes:

We didn’t ride it. Hopefully it is moving much quicker these days…and it is included with Express Pass now.

Hagrids does not currently offer Express Pass. My guess is it will be a while yet, but who knows. With Velocicoaster open now, it definitely shortened the Hagrids waits to some extent. And Hagrid’s is running much better than a couple years ago.

That choice will be Universal’s rather than yours. I’m there now and only IOA is available for early entry. Hagrid’s is not open during this period.

You’ll probably get FEA, but there may well be no availability left for Remy by the time you get to shoot for one: the on-site guests take them all.

I recommend Leaky Cauldron if the OP only does one. I think the food and atmosphere are better.

It is not.

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Interesting - wondered how this had developed. We were there early days of VQ being gone. So the dust hadn’t settled yet. Oh well to that - we’ll either skip it or ride during Harmonious. Thanks for the info.

Hope you’re enjoying your trip!

Well that is a bummer.


Once you’ve seen the dancing octopus/movie montage once, it becomes less of a priority :joy:

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