WDW/Uni split - help with decisions

We’ve been to WDW like, an embarrassing number of times in the last 4 years. I’ve lost count. Maybe 11? Lots, at any rate. We’ve never been to Universal. Mom, dad, and 7yo boy. Dad really wants to go to Uni, and we found an absurd SW fare sale that got us 3 round trip tickets on our points (free but for the processing fee), so I guess we’re going in July.

We have found Uni tickets for 2 day “hoppers” (park-to-park) plus an extra free day (so total of 3 days). Not including the water park, don’t want that. Will be onsite at Royal Pacific at Uni. Figure we’ll do 2, maybe 2 1/2 days at Uni, then shift over to Disney. Booked at AK Kidani on rented DVC points. 3 nights Uni, 3 nights WDW. Total of 5 full days.

Trying to figure out how many days of tickets we need at WDW. The cost of tickets with both Uni and WDW is a bit yikes.

Checking out of Uni on Day 3. Might do park that morning, or pool, depending on what we have accomplished. Not sure if we do pool time and restaurant at AK Kidani when we check in there on Day 3, or actually try to hit an afternoon/evening park. Planning AK on Day 4. Day 5 is in question - park or pool/bum around? Day 6 is morning flight home.

Here are prices for tickets through UT:

  • Uni 2 day P2P with free extra day + WDW 3 day hopper = $1841.86
  • Uni 2 day P2P with free extra day + WDW 3 day MYW = $1676.86
  • Uni 2 day P2P with free extra day + WDW 2 day hopper = $1606.72
  • Uni 2 day P2P with free extra day + WDW 2 day MYW = $1415.40
  • Uni 2 day P2P with free extra day + WDW 1 day AK peak = $1156.01

Dear, internet, what would you do? Will Uni plus the new stuff at AK satisfy my theme park needs this year, or will I kick myself if I don’t ride BTMRR and get a Dole Whip after riding Pirates? DS7 has his father’s amnesia and doesn’t remember many of our prior trips, and BTMRR is his favorite. We’re also Star Wars fans, and I love to eat at Epcot, so I’ve got hoppers in the mix. Definitely the only Orlando trip we’re doing this year.

Have you stayed at Kidani before?

We went for the first time on our latest trip and loved it. There are so many activities to do around the resort (including AKL), Plus the two pools.

Universal will be a totally new experience and if DS likes Harry Potter he will be wowed by the immersiveness of wwohp.

I would lean towards a day at AK, and resort time/ Disney Springs. Make this trip about the new stuff, Universal and Pandora.

Unless you haven’t seen the Star Wars stuff at HS like the projection show, March of the First Order etc. If that’s new to you then plan a SW day. But I’m guessing none of that is new to you …

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If it was me - I would use your three days at Universal and make your last day there a park day as well. It is so easy to take break at Universal because your hotel is right there. So maybe have some pool time on Day 1 or Day 2 as a break or an early evening. There are so many get wet rides at Universal - it is nice to do those one morning - go back and swim and get cleaned up to go back in the evening.

I would then do pool time and enjoy the resort the day your get to AKL in the afternoon. And to save money - I would do a two day ticket (no park hoppers). Spend one day at AK and one at MK. I don’t think it feels like Disney without a trip to MK - but that is just me. Maybe have dinner at one of the monorail resorts instead of Epcot.

Any way you decide - it does sounds like fun!

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