WDW today Reunion 2014

Who else is going? It’ll be my son, my mom & I this year :smile:

I went last year but since I am paying college tuition for son can’t afford to go again until next year.

I’m pretty sure @MagicMN is going. :slight_smile:

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@SallyEppcot knows all - myself and DS10 are going. We signed up for both parties - illuminations & ESPN breakfast. We arrive 11/30, staying GF then switch 11/4 to BC. We are currently planning to attend all meets & activities. @KeliJ will make random appearances & we are planning for the kids to eat cupcakes at DHS. We want to do MK till 3am on Saturday to might need to skip Epcot events for a nap. @joannes1959 is also attending & she’s my experienced expert who has been answering my rookie questions.

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How old is your son? Matthew is 10 & I’ve been hoping for a new friend for him to meet at Reunion. Ideally someone old enough to also go off for short periods of solo time

Hey–thanks for starting this thread, was wondering who else is attending. From the website, looks like a nice sized group. We’ve enjoyed the last 2 years at Reunion, and look forward to more fun with the WDWToday gang. The schedule as it stands now…not sure if anything is being added for Sunday. If you booked with MEI and show up at CR on Thurdays morning, you’ll get a goody bag and a printed schedule.

12-1 dole whip
1-2 tiki room sing a along
2-3 magic carpets roulette
4-5 jingle cruise
6-8 7dMT
9-11 Tambu

11:30-12:30 star tours
2-3 mulch sweat frozen tears
4-5 starring rolls cupcakes
8:00 private party

12-1 malestrom reenactment
2-3:30 agent b’s
4-6 spaceship earth
8:45-10:30 dessert party

Espn 8-10:30

@MagicMN DS is 8 & I know there’s at least one other 10 DS as well.
We’ve been going for a few years, so this year we’re skipping the Illuminations event for the FPP, but we should be at most of the other events :smile: Loved the ESPN event last year & so excited to do it again! Saved our Illumination money for MVMCP tickets. Anybody else going Thursday? DS really wanted the SOTMK card :smile:

So very responsible of you! Hopefully we’ll make it next year, but I’m really eyeing the MNSSHP again :smile:

I will indeed make random appearances with DH and DDs 6 and 5. We are at BC, attending MVMCP on Friday the 5th. Other than cupcakes with mini MagicMN, we are keeping the schedule flexible.

We are doing the party 11/30 & 12/2 and more than happy to pick up SOTMK card for you!

Thanks, that’s so awesome, but we just got tickets for the fourth last night. :smiley:
We haven’t been to a party since the SOTMK cards started.

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We’re going, but still have to work around husband’s work schedule and kiddo’s school schedule. That means any events on Thursday before 7 PM and Friday before 6 PM are out. We’ll be doing the client appreciation event on Friday night, be around for most of the events on Saturday, and doing the dessert party Saturday night, though.

We’re staying at BC Friday night through Monday morning.

I might be there.


I know you won’t disappoint @len we all know how much everyone is looking forward to your welcoming big bear hugs at CR on Thursday morning during check in :wink: Looking forward to another great weekend with the gang! Have you been practicing your songs for Mulch Sweat and Frozen Tears???

Ah, the year of awkward hugs was fun. I might go for “prolonged eye contact” this year, just to see what happens. Thanks for coming!

What, no touching? I had trained my children and husband to “good game” you on sight. Now that will just be awkward…

So my son just rode Magic Carpets with @MagicMN son, but I didn’t get to meet her :smiley:

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I soooo wish I could be there…we had the BEST time last year and met some amazing people that are now stuck with us for life! But we have a huge trip planned in February that has killed our bank account. I can’t wait for all the stories and photos!!!

Said hi to everyone at check in, got kiddo to school and husband and I to work. Then I went and changed my physical appearance so that I might blend in without anyone recognizing me. (Okay, technically I just got a haircut, but you know, gotta add some spice to life.)