WDW to present phased reopening plans tomorrow 5/27


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I literally have a timer set. The anticipation for Disney to at least say somethingemphasized text** has been killing me for weeks. Is this going to be live on any streaming format? Also, is this going to be the official thread where we discuss and dissect each and every word?:woman_shrugging::rofl:

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Here is the link to the official task force page:


There is a link you can follow that takes you to the places you can watch it live. I THINK you can watch it live on YouTube as well: https://www.youtube.com/user/orangetvfl

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Oh. I see on the YouTube channel they already have a link for it:



I’m so ready to hear their plan. Still planning on going for my mini vacation in mid July. It was originally supposed to be just 1 day after a convention in Orlando but I have zero desire to be in a convention center right now, con crud is already a thing to avoid. I’m ok with a dialed down trip to Disney with masks, especially if that will be when they are at a minimized capacity

This is exciting! When speaking to a DVC CM yesterday, she said something about, “Now the question everyone wants to know…when is WDW re-opening.” I told her I wasn’t even going to ask that cuz it’s like asking a pregnant women, 'When’s the baby coming?". We both laughed and of course she said she didn’t know anything. But I did ask if she had extra pixey dust to throw about and make the virus go away… :wink:


Almost got me hearting that.


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Will someone post a summary here? I am crazy at work today.


As much as I want to know, I can’t watch these endless briefings. Even my governor’s daily Covid briefing. I watch the first 5 minutes where he drops all the executive orders and big news, then I wait for the summary.
Information overload.

I’m working all day today and so I will probably just catch the highlights/summary later too

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I watched/listened to last week’s meeting when Universal announced.

It took over an hour to get to the good stuff. The public comment section is awful.
I just follow the agenda and don’t pay attention till they get to the part right before the park re-openings.

On the agenda for today, looks like Sea World will go first.


Looking forward to the summaries by the brave folks who can muddle through this type of thing. Thanks, all!


It’s starting. I’ll post when Disney comes up for anyone that want to watch the video live when that happens

Anyone else think the guy conducting the roll call in the meeting looks like Stanley Tucci?


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Yeah, only Five public comments. Last week was 19 IIRC

Public Comments are weird, person writes in and talks about family experience during the Spanish Inquisition and the American Revolutionary War.



Omg you weren’t kidding, they are awful

No. Stanley is waaaaaaaaaay more handsome.

He’s a crush of mine. The guy in the meeting - no.