WDW tickets at UT no longer available

I went to the UT today to see if they have updated their site to the date-based ticket pricing yet. As of this posting, they aren’t offering ANY WDW tickets on their site. Interesting. I wonder if it is because they aren’t offering them, or if they haven’t gotten their website updated to accommodate the change. I was hoping to see what kind of discount they offer over Disney’s own website.

Oh. Wait. I reloaded and see this now:

So maybe I’m posting too soon!

Boardwalk went down day 1 and didn’t start selling tix again until day 3.

I took a little time to try to figure out if they had a set discount deal based on tiering, but then life took over.

It’ll be interesting to see how they all deal with it.

Okay. Kept checking back all day yesterday, but they kept the banner up. Today, however, the new tickets are available.

I did a quick comparison of 6 day base tickets. It appears that UT still saves about $30, or roughly the cost of the taxes, per ticket. I’ll play around a bit more, but it looks like if you price out tickets on Disney’s site and look at the PRE-TAX price, that’s about the price you’ll pay at UT WITH tax.


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It’s nice to say even a bit. 9 of us this trip, so it does add up. I’ve always had great luck with UT. They’re always easy to contact with any questions.

Only I did have a glitch with them this month re party tickets. When I got to will call, which they instructed me to do (no hard tickets available from them)- I was told by MK townhall CM that the codes (which we had on iphone email confirmation) were invalid.

Had to call UT from my cellphone while at townhall, with CM and UT person working on it back and forth. Took at least 1/2 hour to straighten out. Have a feeling it was another instance of Disney crazy IT.

Then we had another problem getting into the park when returning around 5pm. Landed up using our day tickets, then switching over to the party tickets while in the park intself.

Not a fun experience. But I don’t think the problem was actually caused by UT. And they were right there to help once it happened.