WDW Ticket Expiration - unused ticket

If I purchase a multi day ticket but do not use it at all, when does it expire?

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I BELIEVE it is 14 days from first use. You used to be able to buy a “no expiration” option - but don’t believe you can anymore.

Right, but what if I don’t use it at all. Can I begin using in a year, two years later, etc… and only then does the 14 day count start?

Sounds like it will be honored if it was never used at all:

Question answered on official Disney page

I purchased tickets in 2014 for a trip that got canceled. I called and was told with the tickets I had purchased that as long as they were never used that they would be good indefinitely. That being said, if you want to be sure I would call guest services and have them check for you.

As long as you bought the tickets direct from Disney they should be good forever until you use them. I have seen reports that some of the re-sellers tickets do have expiration dates on them.

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I agree with @Outer1, recently there have been reports that Parksavers has a great price, but the tickets expire.

I think if you have a ticket from a reputable seller you should be ok. I did buy tickets for Universal that did have a specific expiration date - but it was fully disclosed prior to purchase. However to answer the question - the clock starts ticking from first day of use