WDW ticket buying timing

Okay. So I’m thinking about our May 2020 trip, and when best to buy tickets.

Typically, I buy from UT, and take advantage of their Black Friday-Cyber Monday deals to get best prices. But this year, I’m thinking that might be a bad idea.

Considering the amount Disney just raised prices at Disneyland due to SWGE opening, I’m anticipating a similar ticket price increase coming for WDW ahead of SWGE opening there. But, it appears you can’t buy date-based tickets more than about a year out. This means that, providing Disney doesn’t do ticket price increases prior to May, I may want to buy the tickets in May 2019 for May 2020 to lock in pre-SWGE pricing.

I hate to buy the tickets that far in advance. But does it seem reasonable? While the price increase for an individual might not be a lot, when you add it up across 8 people, it makes a difference.

And, as a follow up, since I plan to buy an annual pass, can you pay for the annual pass that far in advance? Basically, I mean buy the annual pass, but activate it May 2020. I’m not sure if that’s even allowed.

Following along for my own future planning…

Following as I’m starting to plan april 2020,:crossed_fingers: