WDW SWGE in September

We arrive Labor Day and plan to visit GE. We are staying at the POFQ and plan to take the first bus for the 6-9 EEMH. Is that a good strategy?

That will depend on Disney buses. I think some people have found that the regular bus service doesn’t always get you there 1 hr early for 8AM EMH, and for SWGE in the first week it is open, I would plan on being a couple hour early. If it was me, I’d plan to drive or Uber/Lyft.

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Following. We are doing the same thing except 9/4.

Really hoping WDW gets a plan other than all of us standing in line…Eagerly awaiting this. DL’s opening sounds amazing…

I would plan to Uber of Lyft myself. At that hour, the buses aren’t exactly reliable and who knows what will happen to accommodate EEMH

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Probably, the first bus will run 1 hour prior to opening, or 5AM. Which will get people to the entrance around 5:20AM, just in time to look at the huge mass of people waiting outside the tapstiles. Actually, at 5:20, they may already start letting people into the park, so that they can get a huge group ready to walk to SW:GE in time to start letting people into the land around 5:45. That would work well, because when the buses arrive, there might actually be a place for people to stand when they get off the bus. :wink:

If I was serious about going the first week, I’d plan on arriving at HS no later than 4AM.

Key word: PROBABLY.

If I were a fan and SWGE was a priority, and there was no such thing as reservations (WHY?!?! It seems to be working so well in Cali!!!), I would not be relying on a bus “probably” running at 5 am. I have waited for buses for early opening for Pandora and we wound up ditching and taking a Lyft because the bus board had arrival getting later and later. Minutes matter for things like this. That’s why I am suggesting Lyft/Uber.

I decided after binge watch the live feeds from DL earlier this week, now I am a little burned out on SWGE. I am not that excited about seeing it.

It’s working very well. But you need to bear in mind the fact it’s blackout time for all 100,000 CMs who work there, who would otherwise be in the park.
It’s also possible that people are staying away from the park as they know there’s no hope of getting in.

Why it won’t work as well at WDW:

  1. Ten times the number of rooms at WDW. They couldn’t give everyone a reservation slot. Do they limit it to deluxes only? Mods and deluxes?

  2. Sooooo many visitors at DL are local AP holders. If they can’t get to build a droid or get into the Cantina, they can go back another time.

At WDW, there are so many more once-in-a-lifetime visitors, or once-in-a-blue-moon visitors at least.

The queue for the ride isn’t that bad, but for everything else, it’s horrendous.

Would you be happy if you could only do the ride and a couple of the shops, and you don’t know if/when you’ll be coming back again?

  1. DL has so much more to do, so many more rides and attractions for people to do. DHS doesn’t have the capacity.

Fair enough.

But some kind of system would be better than the chaos I’m envisioning. I fear it will be a disaster on this coast. I hope I’m wrong.


Virtual queue is a strong contender!

I dunno, seeing that the rest of the park being just about empty, as well as galaxy’s edge being manageable makes me think that a reservation system of some kind would be wise.

I’m sure Disney’s working on one and is using DL as a test case. We’ll likely hear about something in the coming months.

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They only announced details for DL about six weeks before.

Still time! :wink:

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Yes but you just commented on the much larger number of guests to accommodate…