WDW selling out some spring break times

I wasn’t sure how to title this thread, but I saw this article saying that hotels and parks are selling out during some of the popular spring break times for WDW:

Yep it’s full my week. Same week as Orange County, FL spring break. Good thing I booked way early.

I think they’ll add some availability to the system.

And I don’t believe for a second that all open resorts are sold out. They may have reached some target occupancy figure, and hope that since park reservations are full across all parks no one else will want to book. That isn’t the same thing as “sold out”.

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It seems risky to allow more resort guests knowing there are no park reservations. Setting people up to be disappointed. They either need to stop resort sales or increase park reservations for resort guests at least. I would be so angry if I booked a trip for a week and couldn’t go to the parks at all. I know better than to book without checking, but I’m sure there are people who haven’t been before or in years and don’t know to look first.

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Starting this Saturday there is no availability for MK or HS for the rest of the month for resort guests or ticket holders. AK and EP only and some days those are completely booked too.