WDW says it will not sell new APs

I just read this on another forum, but basically WDW is not selling new APs. They will allow those with APs to renew, but they will no longer sell new APs. I will try and link the article below:


Man… that’s sad.

Scott Gustin pointed out that this story didn’t share any new information - WDW has only been renewing (not offering new APs) since July. Disney has made no announcement about when they will resume selling new APs, but they will.



I thought the same Jeff_AZ. If they planned on resuming the sale of new APs in the near future, however, I am not sure they would release any type of statement. I think they just don’t have the capacity for it right now anyway, so I assumed they were on hold for some time. I wonder if you still get to buy them if you join DVC?

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No. :sob:

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Yeah, this is just different way of saying that they aren’t selling new APs. Doesn’t reveal anything about the future.


Not only that but they are selling new ones to people who had APs that either expired or were cancelled after the parks closure.

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But DL’s announcement that they were getting of AP’s makes this more ominous. The AP’s have had huge prices increases the last few years. I wonder if they were discouraging people from buying and it didn’t work.

I just hope tget don’t cancel them. I have 5 that I’m waiting to activate.

I suspect they made this announcement because DL’s announcement was making people call in with questions about WDW’s AP program and they just wanted to have a definitive statement with their current policy. I would guess they will start selling new APs as early as this summer or fall when vaccination finally ramps up.

Disneyland is in a much different position due to the sheer number of AP holders.


I know they are currently allowing renewals plus whats been noted already and for current pass holders to buy new APs for their children that recently turned 3.

I can’t imagine WDW ditching it with all the other park completion in Orlando. Or DVC mbrs. How many DVC mbrs would sell off if they couldn’t get an AP?


I don’t think APs are gone forever, at either park. DL APs would have a field day if they weren’t given a new AP program and it would be stupid, because that’s where the bulk of their visitors come from. And in WDW, they’d be shooting all the bloggers (aka their free hype people) in the foot if they expect them to pay for park tickets.
That said, I’m sure they will only continue to get more expensive.

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What?! That is nuts! I am really surprised by that.

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We bought DVC in December. I was ready to pull the trigger on our APs in March/April and they stopped selling them before I did. We have at least 30 park days planned July 2021 - July 2022. I’m gonna be super unhappy if we have to buy 3 10 day tickets.


They said they have no plans at this time to start selling new APs. I also read somewhere that 45 percent of the revenue comes from food and drinks. They will make more money by not having APs. Do they really care that you are a loyal fan or just how much money they make? At the end of the day money talks. I have a AP and I spend alot ot money there, but does the average passholder?

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Every time we go we eat and spend money. But universal with get my lunch money instead if Disney takes APs away

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Yes, we have three trips right now planned in the next year and I totally agree. The rooms are not the issue, it is the cost of tickets. I always thought Disney treated DVC owners as a sort of ‘elite’ status b/c of their long-term investment in the company, which is completely justified. I definitely think they will resume AP sales then. I just don’t see them not allowing DVC people to get them. Also, congrats on the DVC purchase!

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They do give us a decent discount on APs, but I don’t think it’s any better than the FL resident discount.