WDW RESORT Reservations now available through December 31, 2021

Previously you could make a reservation through September 26, 2021

Now you book a reservation for the actual 50th-anniversary date


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Oh boy… this is hard for me. Originally I had planned to do Pop Century for Dec 2021 for Tron. But I’ve decided to push it back another year, since our finances can’t really support another trip yet. However, it is still SO tempting!

I had planned on going for Dec. 2021 - I still might. However, they are only allowing bookings at the hotels currently open. - No All-Stars / Value. (Pop is not a “value” price at over $200 / night)

Plus, other than DME, I’m not sure what the advantage is to book on-site now. I used to defend being in The Bubble, but after looking at other the prices of others options, nearby hotels / AirBnB, I may start staying elsewhere. (Especially since I like to use Uber / Lyft more & more - even cheaper than a rental car)

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Well, I picked Pop specifically for the Skyliner. $200 a night is crazy though… hoping there will be some nice discounts eventually. But yeah, I think off-site is more of an option than it used to be… if it saves you a ton of money, then go for it!

The skyliner is “neat” - just like the monorail, but IMHO it’s just a novelty. You can get to the parks better / faster even using the buses and a little walking. (Rideshare still beats them both even if you factor it into the cost of the stay.)

Don’t get me wrong I’m a long time “Bubble” person. But I don’t “need” EMH or MDE. Plus, Magic Bands are going away and if FPP changes to a paid system like MaxPass with no advance bookings I’m just not sure anymore.

Have you looked at Dolphin and Swan? Sometimes deals can be had, from what I’ve read. And better than skyliner because you can walk to two parks! Ride share to the other two.


I disagree. The Skyliner was definitely faster when we used it January 2020. It’s great if you want to just hop between HS and EP real quick. No waiting for a bus to arrive during the middle of the day, when they aren’t as plentiful. Of course, that was before this whole pandemic started. So it may not be as efficient now I imagine.

I should have been clearer - I meant in regards to RD. (I don’t leave the parks unless I’m forced to or it’s closing time! :crazy_face:)

Agreed. Check out the TP video, I linked, posted this week from their trip about 3 weeks ago.

@Julianne_fki -

From what I’ve seen / researched you can get really good last minute deals for those places. But I’m a Liner / Planner that has all my details booked months / year + in advance! :rofl:


Oh yeah, i’d probably never RD with the Skyliner. I’ve heard many complaints about trying to RD with it and things not working out. We only RD’d twice during our last trip though. We’d prob just take the bus if we wanted to RD at HS.

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All this Disney talk, and i’m already trying to figure out how I can still make Dec 2021 happen. I got a little teary just thinking about it.
I have been staying away from the forums lately… it’s hard.


I feel ya! I started my 2021 countdown a couple months ago. However, I’m not convinced that the parks will be operating normally even next December. If they are I’m also concerned that there will be a flood of people coming back that make going miserable. That make me think it might be 2022 :cry: If that’s the case 2021 may be when I get my Universal AP & go there throughout the year - which is still cheaper than going for one long WDW trip (IME)

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And if you hadn’t already seen, the park reservation system is now extended into January 2022.

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Yup we have Universal APs we’ll be activating this December. So instead of Disney I was thinking of doing super cheap Universal at Cabana Bay for Dec 2021.
But then the Tomorrowland background music suddenly came to mind and I got sad.

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So, I priced out a stay at Pop with tickets… you know, just for fun. There is an option to add Park Hopper. Do you think this is just in case park hopper is back? Or is it confirmed that park hopper will be an option by a certain date?

In true Disney IT fashion, although I have a package booked for my family I cannot select park reservations because it thinks I don’t have valid ticket media (which I do, in the package).



Ugh! Why does it have to be so difficult?

Because Disney.


No confirmation yet. But they are selling park hoppers for 2021. If park hopping isn’t available you’ll get a refund. Or you could just get base tickets and add the hopper if park hopping is confirmed.

One reason for buying hoppers now would be if the park reservation system was updated to allow you to book 2 parks per day you would be able to do that immediately.

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That’s a good point! If we decide go afterall… I will buy hoppers right away.