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Every time I call WDW-DINE I’m on hold for 2-4 hours. They need to hire more ppl!!!


I’m not really sure where you’re getting that information. But there is a terrible labor shortage in the entire country right now, across all industries. Nobody can figure out where they have all gone, but we did have a really sad number of people who died in this pandemic and maybe that was enough to shift things to where they are right now. I’m not sure anyone is lining up to work anywhere. Try recruiting - it’s a very difficult thing right now.


We stayed at ASMo early October. The room was clean when we arrived and extra things we requested were brought promptly. We were given plenty of towels. They may have come in every other day or so, but only once were beds made. At one point I left a bunch of trash outside our door because it had accumulated so much. We definitely would have appreciated more regular housekeeping but I felt the staff who were there were trying their best.


In late August a college freshman who apparently knew very little about the situation but wanted to get on the anti-fraternity bandwagon started a change.org petition targeting my son’s fraternity. Never mind that the fraternity had kicked out the members involved in the incident in question a year prior. It was enough to rally 1000+ people to vandalize the fraternity house and another house where members lived to the point that both were unlivable for at least the semester. The petition was not factual, to say the least. Obviously she was able to write and post whatever, and others suffered the consequences. So that’s my experience with change.org. I won’t take anything written there as truth.
Maybe Disney execs will get the message that people are unhappy, however.

It’s the same here. There are record vacancies. And yet my DS who is well educated and hardworking can’t get a no experience needed customer service or admin job. He has applied for hundreds.


So what doe that say. I talked to a number of people at WDW who said they would love to work for WDW but never got hired. Oh sure there are those jobs no one wants that pays so little you can’t afford to take them. On the other hand I guess people don’t want jobs especially kids these days. Brought this up before and many parents didn’t want their kids to work because they could afford to keep them home and in sports or something. Different times. Many things at WDW have be seriously cut back and it has little to do with employment help.

My DH was job searching in manufacturing. A lot of places don’t want to train and won’t take someone with close enough experience, needing a little extra training. Jobs that used to be HS diploma are now looking for Bachelors degrees. There is also the issue of those systems businesses use to screen out applicants. For example, if you have 4 years experience, but they want 5, you get screened out and don’t even get an interview.

He finally landed a new job in a small business that were doing their own interviews and screening of applications.

I think businesses need to take a step back and rethink their hiring process and how they are compensating employees.


It’s also worth mentioning that the housekeeping situation was negotiated into the union contract as a contingency for returning to work. So Disney can’t change it right now even if they want to. There’s probably a time limit before they can reevaluate.


I’ve become suspicious of many businesses claims that they can’t get enough employees. Many of the fast food type places around here are claiming that they can’t open their dining rooms because they are short staff, but I also know numerous teens who have applied to those same restaurants and never even got a callback. Something doesn’t add up.


Hmmmm interesting.

I think what adds up is that many places aren’t willing to pay market wages and so they are trying to get by with less. Because the shortage affects many / most industries, we consumers are letting it slide. As much as we complain about paying more for less, we keep doing it, because we don’t have another choice. Eventually someone is going to break and wages will either catch up or demand will fall or both.


Now I am too old for this WDW job and I do not need it. I am talking about the ad by Disney for Monorail operators. I read the list of requirements and figured out I probably didn’t have what they were looking for. So what do they do to need so much experience. They help people board the Monorail. They operate the Monorail which is electric. They provide direction and safety. I looked at their list for new hires and though OMG no wonder they don’t get app’s for this position. So how did I think I might be qualified for this position? 40 years as a Railroad Locomotive Engineer might have something to do with it. That said, I did not apply as at 72 my leg’s aren’t what they used to be and standing on cement for hours is no longer a possibility. Maybe I would have gotten hired but their demands showed me just how badly they needed people. No not just any people but those with high moral fiber. :grin: :roll_eyes: :star_struck:


What a neat career :heart_eyes: Yes, you would have been a prefect candidate for a monorail engineer! IMHO.

This posting? https://parksjobs.disneycareers.com/job/lake-buena-vista/monorails-host-hostess-part-time-walt-disney-world/1678/19642238

Basic Qualifications:

  • Must be at least 18 years of age to be considered for this role.
  • Must have a valid Driver’s License
  • For safety reasons, must be able to distinguish between red and green colors
  • Willing to work at various heights
  • Physical role requiring heavy lifting, pushing, pulling, bending twisting, and kneeling
  • Strong communication skills

Preferred Qualifications:

  • Bilingual preferred
  • Computer experience operating a mechanical system.
  • Experience following set procedures and memorizing information

None of that seems unreasonable to me?


You missed the job responsibilities.

  • Greet & examine boarding identification
  • Load & unload Guests
  • Pilot monorail vehicles
  • Drive company vehicles
  • Strong memorization skills
  • Memorize prepared guest information and deliver via microphone
    • Project voice to deliver safety directions when needed
  • Continuous walking & standing to direct Guests for extended periods of time
  • Work mainly in an outdoor settings during various weather conditions
  • Operate a Smart Phone/Radio to communicate
  • Take ownership during emergencies situations
  • Perform multiple tasks simultaneously
  • Additional Personal Protective Equipment (face shields, goggles, refillable hand sanitizers, safety harnesses, hard hats, safety vests etc.) may be required

Adding in the bilingual preferred is interesting. There are many places that pay more for those who are bilingual. Around $16 doesn’t seem like a lot of money for the job responsibilities and expectations.


Yes your probably right. I think I am missing the Strong communication Skills :grin:

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You missed must not be 70 years or older. :laughing:

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Therefore this job would definitely set you up for a railroad job. :roll_eyes: :sunglasses:

The labor shortage is such a compound problem. I work for a major manufacturer and shortages in some areas cause us not to hire in others even though they are also short bc if you don’t have the transportation then you don’t need the excess supply bc where’s it going to go? So we’re short on production staff so we’re not producing like we should, but then again we’re short on drivers so even if we had the supply we can’t get it out of the building timely and so on and so forth. It’s a mess.

Between work force deaths, early retirements, people taking new opportunities crested during the pandemic, people having to leave the workplace to care for children or ailing family members, etc It’s left major employment gaps.


I saw them, I thought the concern was about the requirements to do the job being too high of a bar and not being able to get applicants.

Nothing about the job description or requirements seems off to me? That’s what I was trying to understand.

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