WDW Railroad from Frontierland to Fantasyland

Does anyone know the approximate length of time it takes to ride the Railroad from the Frontierland Station to the Fantasyland Station? I am tying to decide if it is quicker to take the railroad over to Fantasyland to have lunch at Be Our Guest or if I should just walk there from BTMRR. Thoughts?

I would walk. Its about the same but if you have to wait for a train then then train will be longer. You also have a walk to bog from the other end which adds a few mins. To answer your Q the full round trip is 20 mins so its about 6-7 mins between stations.

thanks so much!

While it is never quicker to take the train, my DD6 enjoys riding it - so I always make a loop on it. Like the monorail. Whoddathunk these would be intentional plans in my touring plan when there is so much else to see and do!! :slight_smile:

I always view the train as a bonus ride - plus it gets you off your feet for awhile and offers some unique views. In general it takes a little longer, but it’s more fun to ride than walk.

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