WDW prep with a trip to Six Flags

Kids are currently 2 and 4. Will be going to WDW for the first time in January when they will be 2.5 and 4.5. DH and I are taking them to Six Flags in St. Louis on Monday to prep them for WDW. Any recommendations on things we should do at Six Flags with the kids to prep for WDW?

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Never been to six flags where you are but we have season passes to the one near us. We took our 3 year old a few times this summer mainly to see what types of rides he would be willing to get on before we book our fast passes. He will be tall enough to ride things like SDMT and BTM but found out when we went to six flags that he wants nothing to do with roller coasters so no go for coasters at disney with him. He does however seem to like anything that spins or goes high so we are good for things like astro orbiter and tea cups. They have a river rapids at six flags too which he loved so we will be taking him on KRR as well.

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Before our first big family trip in 1994 we went to Branson & Silver Dollar City. Not as many rides back then, but we were also after practice in navigating a park. Just getting the kids - 2, 3, 10, & 14 - out there. Having meals. If I’m remembering correctly they were experimenting with fake snow and sledding and that added to practicing weird attractions. I think we also did the old tin-type photo thing with all of us.

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Not familiar with your park, but I would pay attention to stamina. I took my niece when she was 2.5 yo. I knew should would be fine doing open to close two days in a row (with some stroller naps) because we had done two solid days in an amusement park 6mos prior. Pay attention to when yours get tired. Will help you plan either breaks or time to ride things that perhaps they won’t be interested in or won’t get on.


We have season passes to Six Flags St Louis. One thing I would recommend is trying to meet some of the Bugs Bunny characters in the little kids’ Loony Toon section of the park. You can see how they react with characters and how they might do with Disney character meet and greets. There are quite a few rides in that Loony Toon section for them to ride, too.

River King Mine Train there is comparable to a lot of WDW’s coasters. Log flume is similar to Splash Mountain, which surprisingly enough our 5 1/2 year old screamed all the way through last year (although she didn’t mind the six flags version). Thunder River similar to KRR. I agree stamina is an important factor also to test out!


I actually worked for this very Six Flags park for many years. There is an entire section of the park called “Bugs Bunny National Park” with toddler appropriate rides. There is also a full sized train that goes around the park, Old Fashion “Tin Lizzie” cards and a Carousel.

There is a traditional log flume with a “average” drop. There is no height restriction. However, being their first rides I’d work up to it later in the day and maybe not the two year old.

I do not recommend any of the coasters they are all far to violent / fast for new riders - at least at that age in my experience. Just because they are tall enough to ride doesn’t mean they should.

This will apply less at WDW.

Please ask anything!

I think they are two completely different experiences. WDW is multiple days of going whereas most of the time, Six Flags is a one day thing.

So many things at WDW can be done with the whole family and at the other parks, rides seem to be either for grown ups or children with very little in the middle.


We have season passes to our nearest amusement park, and every time we’ve gone this year, I’m thinking about what we can do to make our Disney trip go more smoothly. This is a great way to figure out whether you’re going to need a stroller for the 4yo, whether your shoes are a good choice, whether your kids are afraid of character costumes, and whether spinny rides ruin anyone’s day. It’s also a great way to learn about your kids’ fear levels when it comes to rides. Are they upset by speed/heights/noises?

I spotted a family in the park that had all their kids dressed in matching shirts. Not specially made ones, just matching. Which was a great opportunity to point them out to my kids! Now they see how much easier it will be for our family to stick together if we match, and they won’t think I’m crazy for making them do it in Disney.


I agree that they are totally different experiences. Our six flags is the one in the DC area and it’s relatively small and attendance is not high unless it’s a major holiday. Most rides are walk ons, and rides for kids that little are almost always walk ons. So, very different from WDW. The little kids area will be clearly defined and your kids will probably like it. The theming won’t be nearly as fun as WDW.

Same, and as a result everyone has bought in on the value of Rope Drop and at least having a few goal rides so we’re working towards the whole touring plan thing. It was super useful, along with YouTube POV videos, for figuring out what rides my younger son (7) wants to ride and for slowly increasing his comfort with faster rides with more drops. I think we’ll make another visit this week before our departure Friday so that he can try a few rides that go backwards.

Have fun today, @nicoleseckmanjilek !

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Thank you for all of the ideas and suggestions! We had a great day and conquered 13 rides! Next up WDW in January!