WDW Plans so Far. Thoughts?

DD4 and I are going to WDW for a Mother/Daughter trip the first week of December. We are celebrating her 5th birthday. She loves princesses and characters in general! We are staying at POP (first time on site) and we have the DDP.

DD is an early riser and, typically, is in bed by 8pm but is ok to stay up late once in awhile.

Here are my plans so far. We have only been to WDW twice and this will be our first onsite stay so I’m looking for thoughts from Liners because I know you always have great insight :slight_smile:

Day 1:
Fly in to MCO about 1:30pm
Explore POP and AOA
QS dinner

Day 2 (this is an MK party day):
11:25am ADR at BOG
6:15pm ADR HDDR

Day 3 (Epcot):
RD Epcot
10:40am ADR at Akershus
Lunch/Dinner @ Holiday Kitchens in WS

Day 4 (MVMCP):
10:30 ADR at 1900PF
QS late lunch at POP
4pm-? MVMCP

Day 5 (HS):
Sleep in a bit
QS breakfast at POP
Arrive to HS by 11am
2:00pm ADR at H&V (Fantasmic! package)

Day 6 (departure day):
10:00am ADR at Trattoria al Forno
1pm ME to MCO

Liner thoughts? Anything you would change? Thanks for any help!

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Hi! Looks like a great trip! Your DD should be in character heaven with the ADRs you have chosen and at the MVMCP.

Do you have much pool time planned?

DD isn’t big on swimming but, if she wants to, we have time on arrival day or on our Christmas Party day.

I hate spending time in transit, so if it were me I would try to modify the 1900 Park fare into a lunch or even a late lunch. Walk around, see the monorail resorts, then go straight to party. Have the morning at pop to sleep in or swim. Otherwise you are going from Pop to MK to GF to MK to Pop to MK again! I guess you could Uber, but it would still be extra travel.

1900PF doesn’t have lunch and DD was insistent that she wanted to eat with Winnie the Pooh and Mary Poppins so figured, why not kill two birds with one stone? Lol!

I’m ok with the transit to and from breakfast. I’m also hoping to explore GF while we are there and take a look at all the Christmas decorations!

Looks like a fun trip to me!

Ah, I had forgotten they don’t actually serve lunch. Well, then, sounds like a plan!