WDW Plan So Far...Am I On Track?

We will be in WDW Feb 13-Feb17 with my husband and 6.5 yo daughter. We have 5 day park hopper tickets and this is what our park crowd levels are showing so far for our week there:
Feb 13th:
MK 5/EP 3/HS 6/AK 4
Feb 14th:
MK 6/EP 5/HS 5/AK 3
Feb 15th:
MK 2/EP 4/HS 4/AK 1
Feb 16th:
MK 5/EP 5/HS 6/AK 5
Feb 17th:
MK 8/EP 7/HS 10/AK 7

Essentially, I was planning to do EP on 2/13, AK on 2/14, MK on 2/15 & 2/16 as our main parks for the day and leave the 17th open. I’m not planning to go to HS. I thought EP would be good for the first day because of CL and it’s the park I am least worried about seeing everything in case my daughter is tired/gone mad from travel from Seattle the day before. She can get overwhelmed and kind of lose her mind sometimes. LOL. I then thought we hit up AK because I think she would really like this park. She LOVES animals. And then we would concentrate on MK…especially with that beautiful CL 2 dangling there. I feel like we would also be better adjusted to the time difference for RD. I’m not sure we would make it to RD on the 1st or 2nd day in all honesty. I would also like to go back to the hotel to give us a hard stop and try to prevent my daughter from getting too overwhelmed (and just maybe squeeze out a nap from her). I thought we could use the park hoppers to visit the fireworks at a different park in the evening. Or just have the option available to check out something different in the afternoon.

How does this seem so far?

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That sounds like a good plan. It’s nice to have the hoppers if you want to go to a different park after a mid-day break. The time difference will probably be pretty tough to get up early but easier to stay up late. We traveled from CST to CA for Disneyland this summer and made RD sooo easy but staying up for the fireworks was really difficult until we were there a few days.