WDW plan for 5/10-5/17

Got some time to kill and since I love to read about others plans I figured I jot mine down . Feel free to critique, add suggestions, etc…

5/10 arriving @ MCO from Boston @ 3:15pm (3 of us DD13, DW, and I.) First time staying on property. Staying at SSR. Was opting for PORR but got same price for SSR via point renting so I figured the kitchenette would be helpful. Taking DME to the resort. Figuring about a 5:00pm arrival. After check-In I will hop over to the car Care center to p/u the rental car while DW and DD get us settled in the room ( Don’t think we’ll use it much but since I heard the resort is so big and we do have a few things off property planned, I figured we would go for it) . After we are settled we plan on exploring the resort, maybe a quick dip in the pool for DD and I, grab a quick bite at Artists Palette, then either hop the ferry over to POR to see YeeHa Bob or catch the outdoor movie at the resort. (Weather permitting). Gonna make it a semi early night as #1. It’s travel day so we’ll be bushed and #2. We have EMH at EP the next morning.

Day #2 Thurs. 5/11.
Gonna do EP with EMH morning for 8am. We plan on eating breakfast in our room before we head out. Ordering some groceries to arrive via Amazon Now once we land so we’ll have some food and drinks for our stay. Not sure if we’ll take bus or the car. Havnt decided yet. We plan on midday break so car might be helpful (SUGGESTIONS??) Anyway, without posting the TP because I don’t know how, our plan looks roughly like this… RD to TT, the Soarinx2, turtle talk, nemo w/ FP, figment, jammitors, visa character meet, SE w/ FP, then back to resort for 1pm. Our TP has us finishing up around 12:30pm. Figure we could eat by the pool, take a swim and maybe catch a short nap before heading back to EP . I know EP is more of a full day and maybe even a 2 day park for some. But I really believe in midday breaks to keep everyone rested and we are ok if we don’t get to everything. So, we head back to EP around 5pm and use our final FPP for FEA. Then we stroll around WS from Norway to Canada and make our way to GG for an ADR at 7:35pm. GG has a special place in my heart. It is the first restaurant my parents took me to on our first visit. I didn’t mention it’s also DW and I’s 21st Wedding Anniversary. I know, I know, I could have picked someplace more romantic than GG, but DD13 will be with us and like I said, GG has sentimental value here. Anyway, we cap the night off with a leisurely stroll towards WS to get a view of illuminations. Going to attempt a 4th FPP for the viewing area after FEA but I’m not holding my breath. Figure we can get a good viewing spot somewhere. Anyway after that we head back to resort and can actually sleep in a bit as I didn’t schedule an actual park day for day #3.

Boy, didn’t realize how much I actually have here. I’ll post day #'s 3 & 4 tomorrow at some point. Can’t wait to actually read and compare how close I came to my plans once we get back.


Great plans! I would drive to Epcot. You have the car and parking is free (do not drive to MK). My only concern is TT then Soarin. Keep an eye on if TT is opening on time. Last time I was there I was able to do Soarin twice before TT opened.

Thanks @PrincipalTinker. I think we will drive being it’s EMH. Not all familiar with the buses and don’t want to go through a learning process on our first park day. And it’s so funny you picked up on the TT being first up. I’ve been contemplating switching that based on all the posts I’ve been seeing about TT being down. Does it go down much at RD? We’ve never done Soarin or TT. I think the DW and DD are gonna love Soarin and that’s why I did it ×2 In the plan. Maybe I’ll switch it up and do Soarin>TT>Soarin, or Soarin×2>TT to save some walking time.

People have reported that it is common, but I do not know if that is truth or perception. Sometimes I will check the TP app everyday for a few weeks to see what is happening with an attraction. Maybe that will help? I did Soarin 2x in February at 9:00 opening. After the second time the wait was 40 minutes?

Day #3. Friday May 12
Today we will visit either BB or TL. I figure Id let the DW and DD sleep in a bit after our first night in a park. Knowing me, ill be up at dawn wandering the resort hoping to see a beautiful sunrise over the lake or golf course so I can snap a few pictures. I figure Id surprise the girls with some qs breakfast in bed around 8am and push for a 10am arrival at the water park. Still don’t know which one we’ll choose. Have been to TL but not to BB. Leaning towards BB, but DW is not a fan of WP’ s in general so I’m thinking the landscaping and theming at TL might be more pleasing to her as she’s never been to either. Ugg decisions… plan on staying in WP til 2 or 3pm, then heading back to resort to shower and change. DD and DW want to explore I-Drive later on. It’s sorta a tradition. Figure we’d grab dinner somewhere ( on the fly ), maybe some mini golf, souvenir shopping, and DD and DW want to see Ripley believe it or not. Maybe a quick stop to reload any groceries or essentials we may have forgot. Then head back to resort for a late swim or some snacks by the pool and watch a movie. Just an overall “chill day”. We’ll need an early bedtime as tomorrow is a full day/night at AK.

Day #4 Saturday May 13

We are RD at the AK with 8am EMH. TP looks like this so far (subject to change) EE>DS>KRR>ITTBAB by 10am. Have 1/2 hour built in in case we need to change clothes after KRR (were bringing a change jic) Have 10:35 ADR @ TH w/ RoL package. Hoping to hit breakfast and possible some lunch items at same time. After breakfast/lunch it’s train to affection section to explore a bit and then back on train back to Africa for 1pm showing of FLK. (We have a FPP). Next is KRR again (Our favorite btw) using 2nd FPP from 1:35-2:35. Then we are taking a break outside the park. We want to explore the AKL. We’ve never seen it. We want to stay there next trip. Figure we’d hop a bus on over and check it out. After exploring the resort we figured we’d grab some QS early dinner/snack at the Mara. Hoping to grab a table with a view of the pool area. Not sure how hungry we’ll be after the late breakfast/lunch but we’ll give it a shot. After dinner we’ll hop the bus back over to AK in hopes of making the 5pm show of Nemo. Not holding my breath on that one. Don’t have a FPP as I’m not sure we’ll be back in time. We may love exploring the resort so much we may extend our break there. Anyway, after Nemo (or not) it’s off to Dinosaur>EE>and KRR for a 3rd time. Then we’ll use our last FPP 7:55-8:55pm for a sunset view of KS before ending the night with reserved seating at RoL for the 9:30pm show. Hoping they don’t add a 2nd viewing of RoL. As of right now it’s only the 1 show at 9:30. If they add a 2nd show my reserved seating we get with dinning package will most likely move to the 1st showing which will mess up my KS sunset plans.

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Very good plans. My one suggestion: For a 10:35 TH res, you won’t be out till noon or so, and the latest you can show up to FotLK with a FPP is 12:45. So I don’t think there’s any way to head out to Conservation Station unless all you do is just ride the train on a loop without getting off. Consider a walk around Gorilla Falls trail instead, it’s one of my favorite sections of the park!

Thanks @shermND. Glad you noted that. Have myself an hour to eat and then hop right on train for 11:35. Probably not do-able. Even then I only allotted 15 minutes once at conservation station then back on train. Too rush rush. I think the leisurely walk after a big meal will do is good and I wanted to include one of the trails in the plan but dropped it to extend the break outside the park. Gorilla falls it will be.


Day #5 Sunday May 14 (aka: Mothers Day)
No parks planned after a big AK day yesterday. Asked DW what she wanted to do and she said nothing. I offered a day at the spa seeing we are staying at SSR but she said nope. She Just wanted to relax today. So DD13 and I love to golf. So we are doing the sunrise 9 program right at Lake Buena Vista which is on SSR property I believe. Tee time is 8am. Figure we’ll be done by 10-10:30am . Only 9 holes. Then some pool time, pick up DW at room and take boat over to DS for a 1:30pm lunch reservation at Rainforest Cafe. Have a $50 gc to rainforest. I know there are much better places to eat at DS but we did the RC at AK in 2013 and we really enjoyed it. Hopefully the experience is the same at DS. After lunch DW expressed interest in the balloon ride. I rhink it’s characters in flight? Don’t see anywhere I can make a reservation for that. I think it’s just walk up from what I’ve read. (SUGGESTIONS??) Anyway, we’ll spend the afternoon at DS shopping and such and possibly go back to resort to freshen up for dinner. I’ve made late dinner reservations (7:15pm) at Raglan Road. I hear it’s pretty good. After dinner maybe a long walk back to the resort or hop the boat again. Depends on how we feel.

On a side note… while DD and I are golfing I’d like to have some flowers sent to the room for DW. Being mothers day and all. Any suggestions of good florists in the area than can deliver in a 2-3 hour timeframe??? Does Disney themselves offer a service??

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Day #6 Monday May 15th

Today is our HS day. We don’t do ToT or RnRR so 2 of the headliners are out. DW loves the shows so we will be heavy on those. Plans are a split day/ night with long afternoon break. Morning looks like this RD @ 9am to TSM>GMR>ST>them a 10:30 fp for FSA. >MV3D>IJS>BB> then 2nd fp for LMV. Plan to break after this and head to resort @ 2:30 for food, nap and pool time. May head over to WL to check it out as well. We want AKL for our next trip but I’m intrigued with WL. Maybe have some qs late lunch there before heading back to resort. Anyway, we saved our final fpp+ for fantasmic as that is our family favorite. Hoping to stick around for some SW fireworks when F! Let’s out but I’ll keep an out on the calendar. BTW, we will be driving the car and not taking bus today. When we return for fantasmic we will be hoping to park at BW as we want to walk there at night after leaving fantasmic. We did it in 2013 and we absolutely loved the walk and spending time at the BW at night. One of those magical moments we all remember that I’m hoping to duplicate. Minus 1 DD.

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Day #7 Tuesday May 16th

DD13 insisted she wanted to save MK for the last park. I did my best to make it special for her. It starts off with an Early Morning Magic package. Gonna ride 7DMT, PP, & WTP as much as possible til 9am. Hoping for this 7d>pp>7d>wtp>7d. But we’ll see how it goes. At 9am we go over to Pinnochio Villiage Haus for our included breakfast.

Then starting at 10am the TP looks like this…
Under the sea>small world>philharmagic>Haunted mansion w/ fpp+ 10:45-11:45, > Splash>BTRR w/ fpp+11:55-12:55>Pirates>jungle cruise w/fpp+ 1:10-2:10> country bears.

Then we head over to FW for the 4pm showing of HDDR. Never been, we always do the Spirit of Aloha dinner show at the Poly but we wanted to mix it up this year and we read so many reviews about it being funny but corny. We like funny but corny so we expect to truly enjoy it. We will be taking the ferry to and from.
We will return to the park after HDDR but don’t really have a set TP. I’m thinking people mover, tomorrow land speedway, CoP, laugh floor… Then we cap it off with the new Happily Ever After Show at 9pm. Stick around for the kids goodnight??? Possible.

Well that will do it for parks and plans. We have one more day (Wed. May 17th) in which our flight departs at 6pm. Figure Magic Express will pick us up around 3pm so we’ll sleep in, pack up, and enjoy the resort or DS.


Sounds like a great trip! My DD22 and I will be arriving on the 15th. We’ll also be at MK for part of the day on the 16th. Hope you enjoy EMM!

Well thank you @scrapper1617. Hope you and your DD enjoy your trip as well. I love going in late April / early May. Sad we will miss Pandora but just an excuse to go again sooner.

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Thanks! We’ve never been in May before, so we’re looking forward to it.