WDW Park Plan Help Please

I need to finalize this so I have the park reservations in place & I keep changing my mind.:pleading_face: What do you think? This is a solo trip, with a park hopper pass. I like hitting a park first thing, taking a break mid-day to recharge, then hitting a different park at night. Breaks up the day and its not a sensory overload

L & D
Friday X X
Saturday X X
Sunday X X
Monday X X
Tuesday X X
Wednesday X X L
Thursday X X
Friday X X
Saturday X X
Sunday X X
3 3.5 2 1.5

Hey! I understand the question - I think… I’m not sure what you want though. It’s never unreasonable to go early, break, hop

Plus, I’m not 100% sure what your chart means…

Ok my questions are where are u staying because that may make some difference in hopping? Also I see that u have Epcot AM and then hopping to AK but with the time Epcot opens and AK closes that may not be a real productive day.

I would have planned something similar to what you have, with most mornings at parks that open early HS and AK, and evenings at parks that close late MK and EP. You have so many days that no matter how you switch this around, you should have similar benefit.

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I would change that Friday with AK in the evening…UNLESS you will be there when it is dark early and want to see Pandora at night, for example. But that would mean your trip is in like December?

Otherwise with the park closing at 5:00, you would do better to swap AK to the AM.

ETA:. Forgot AK is open to 7 on Fridays at the moment. Still, check for sunset times to see if it is worth going in for such a shorter timeframe.

the chart is which park I’m thinking of going to in the AM, then which park in the PM on those days

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I am currently at the Movies, but hoping to upgrade. As I am going in late October, am hoping EPCOT’s hours are back to normal (9-11am for FW, then 11am-9pm/10pm for WS). Once the park hours for October are posted, then the AM days for EPCOT may change

I would like to see both Pandora & the Tree of Life at night

So you are protecting yourself by having an evening there IN CASE it stays open late enough. Got it. (And don’t blame you…Pandora at night was pretty cool!)


When is your trip…? I was going to plan the exact same thing for my summer trip but sunset is way past park closing…

Never mind, I see October…. Makes sense

Ok I had to convert your table to the other direction to see what was going on - here it is for the benefit of anyone else who grasps a temporal X axis better:

Time Fri Sat Sun Mon Tues Wed Thurs Fri Sat Sun
Lunch - - - - - DS - - - -
Dinner - - - - - - - - - -

MK: 3
EP: 3.5
HS: 2
AK: 1.5


Ok, here are my thoughts:

  • In general you have more Epcot (3.5 days), especially mornings, than I think are necessary. I’d drop one morning and maybe one evening as well.
  • If the reason you have multiple Epcot mornings is to have a late rope drop, I would still just go to another park but not rope drop - MK would be a good alternative since there are plenty of rides with shorter lines there.
  • I would swap half a day of EP to MK so you have 3.5 MK
  • I would swap another half a day EP to HS so you have 2.5 of each
  • It’s fun to have one evening in HS if you can swing it. Not sure what AK hours will be in October, but unless they switch it back to pre-COVID hours (probably?), it might be better to choose HS that evening.

Gonna politely disagree about how much time in Epcot especially with Food & Wine going on if that’s why you’re going and want to try lots of booths and just wander around those days. We just did four AM’s to EPC going back all four days in the PM for dinner and more live shows plus a separate PM after DHS and I loved having that much Epcot time as its my favorite park, we saw all the live entertainment, ate so much food and did the scavenger hunts both for eating and for finding the character. (We’re two grown 40 something adults). So I think the choice to spend that much time in EPC of MK depends on what your fave is and what’s your motivation for going there. To me DL is so much better than MK I don’t really like MK as much as the more original parts of WDW.

Edit: Once Tron is open I’d just go to MK over and over LOL. That ride is I think my favorite Disney ride ever.

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Very true! I could easily spend 3 days plus in EP, but for me personally I would prefer more time at HS and MK if I had to make the choice. But everyone has different priorities, of course.

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We are in the stage where one day at MK is generally enough. I prefer more time at HS and EP. If we have many days, then two at MK is fine.


THANKS!! This is why I was having trouble interpreting the chart originally

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I think I am so used to dealing with however content comes to me, that I just read what was there. :slight_smile: