WDW Park Hours

I was just wondering when park hours are released for the parks? We are going to WDW April 15-21 2018, but the hours only go up to April 5th. We are 10 days from 180 days to make ADR and having the park hours would really help us plan! Thank you!

They usually start publishing hours 180-190 days out but I would look at the touring plans website at the crowd tracker to get an idea . The hours published will be updated over the next 6 months with the last major update these days coming about the 15th of the month before (so March 15th). That means if you want a pre rope drop BOG ADR you should book it a couple of different days. Or you can book an 8:00 ADR and a later breakfast or lunch on that day in case the park opens at 8:00.

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