WDW park hopper mutli-dayPersonalized plan technical issues and advice

My wife and I in our 50’s with 3 kids early 20’s will be spending 4 nights at WDW in July 2018. Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday nights are at Concierge level Contemporary Resort facing the MK Castle. Thursday night is at Boulder Villas. Flight out early Friday morning. With enhanced concierge services, I have 6 fast passes per person per day that can reserve attractions 90 days in advance. We have park hopper tickets and are pretty fit to move as need be. Working with our concierge, I have a 4 day itinerary I would like to evaluate with your incredible “moneyball” technology applied to park efficiency. I don’t see how to enter a multi-day plan. With park hopper, building the plan one day at a time while only being able to pick one park for that day doesn’t allow for me to enter the itinerary I have set to secure 90 days in advance. Have dinner reservations set as well. How do I enter this info for your scrutiny? Many thanks.

You can’t make a single TP for multiple parks.

What you can do is make 2 plans for the same day. Each plan allows you to set a start and end time, so you set your starting time for the second park plan to say an hour after the end time of the first park plan.

You can enter park dining into a plan, and set the time to suit your dining style. If it’s an out of park venue, you can use a break and add a note to include the venue and time.


Great. I’ll try that.