WDW or UOR first?

I’m idly thinking about my December 2022 trip, which is (supposed to be!) all about my friends. I’m doing all the planning: none of them have been to Orlando.

I know they will love, love, love UOR. They will enjoy (bits of!) WDW. They agree with this analysis.

Which should we do first? WDW, building up to the big finale at UOR? UOR to get that out of their system so they can relax and enjoy WDW once they’ve had their fill of the main event? Or will WDW feel like a big disappointment after having been to UOR?


If this is true, I would do WDW first. Personally, I always do it the other way around because I prefer to have my favorite part last. I don’t like an anticlimactic trip.


If they are all about the thrill rides I would save UOR for last. Especially given how much of a shitshow Disney is now and how complicated they have made it. Getting to UOR where everything is a smoother and easier process will probably make them enjoy it even more.


I think their, erm, restricted enthusiasm for WDW has a lot to do with not really knowing what it is. I’ve tried to communicate the sheer scale and diversity of the place, but they won’t really appreciate that until they’re actually there.

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I have just been talking to my sister and niece about December 2022. I don’t know why we always start with Universal, but we will again.


I would do WDW first. You’ll be dealing with jet lag.


Will you have Express Pass? If so, do UOR last. Then they (your friends) won’t be disappointed about standing in lines at WDW after having breezed through them at UOR.