WDW no longer allowing vendor drop off?

Could this be true?

That’s horrible if so. This couple with the rising prices may lead more to stay offsite.


When they added the room delivery fee it did not apply to Owners Lockers, but they are listed here?

I don’t know that this is true at least for Kingdom Strollers.

If you look towards e bottom of the page they say they can continue to drop off at bell stands and you don’t need to present.

I’m not too familiar with KtP but is it known to spread unverified info?

Kenny is usually reliable.

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I saw this too. Very annoying if it turns out to be true that you’ll have to meet the delivery driver in person. That means we’d have to be there for both our Owners Locker and Prime Now deliveries on arrival day. Interesting to see how that would work if our flight got delayed (which seems to happen fairly frequently). :thinking:

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There are reports on MouseOwners that Owners Locker is saying it is not true too.

I wonder if Kingdom Strollers have been told of this, and have assumed it applies to all outside vendors, when in fact it applies only to strillers. Or strollers and ECVs.

It’ll be interesting to see if the story gets corrected, retracted or what.

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An edit has been added to the article:

“EDIT: These new rules affect outside vendors with mobility services. Owners Locker has confirmed that they can still deliver to resort bell services at this time.”

So, hopefully good news for groceries and Owners Lockers…


yea…are grocery delivery services in this mix? looked like strollers and mobility devices…not that this is good

Darn. I have a stroller rental for January. I hope this doesnt mess with groceries.

So groceries should be fine? We’ll be there in a week and were planning on ordering Prime Now and having it delivered to the room (paying the fee)

So if I already have a stroller rental in November, does this affect that since it is grandfathered in?

This includes groceries again:

I don’t think there is grandfathering. It sounded like no deliveries to bell services beginning October 1st. But the reporting has been all over the place so best to confirm with your vendor.

TP blog says groceries not included. But I guess we’ll wait and see.

I agree.

This is getting ridiculous. This is going to hurt them when they are already feeling the pain of their decisions.


GG has just posted on FB that this does not apply to grocery deliveries at this time

Currently this only applies to mobility scooters, strollers, and the like.

I get the frustration but I wonder if there was the same level of frustration voiced when the locked down golf cart deliveries to FW? This feel like that in the sense of them trying to manage traffic flow and/or direct people to Disney-brand rentals for this stuff (and if so they need to step up their game)

It’s also on their website:

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