WDW Monorail Replaced?

Anybody see the story about possibly new monorails at WDW? I mean, clearly a rumor, but could be a welcome refreshening of a tired train!



Yes! I just saw this.

I’m all for it. It has been almost 30 years since the last set was put in place. That’s much too long!

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I have heard several WDW podcasts discussing whether Disney was going to replace the monorails or remove them and do something different.

I hope this is true, because I like the monorail.

just got back from first trip. I know they’ve had their issues, but Disney Transportation would be worse off without them for sure. I had heard rumors about discontinuing them. I was hoping they’d at least put in conventional light rail instead if that was more reliable. But with the existing track, replacing is encouraging.

Stayed at BW, so when time wasnt an issue, we walked through Epcot to take the monorail I’m sure it took longer than the bus, but was more fun and with the wider security areas, once we went in through the IG, we were covered all the way through to MK.

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Look closely at the source. That site has a reputation of running click-bait headlines and doesn’t have a very solid track record of being right. Maybe they are this time, but I haven’t heard as much as a murmur about this on sites that i trust…